10 Interesting Temperature Facts

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Temperature Facts talk about the comparative measure of cold and hot. If you want to know the exact temperature, you need to check it using thermometer. Celsius is considered as the common scale or unit to measure the temperature. Actually it has other scales or units such as Kelvin and Fahrenheit. Get facts about temperature below:

Temperature Facts 1: the absolute zero

The absolute zero is considered as the coldest theoretical temperature. The temperature of absolute zero cannot be attained by the actual object or physical system.

Temperature Facts 2: absolute zero on Kelvin scale

On the Kelvin scale, 0 K denotes the absolute zero. If you covert it into Celsius, the absolute zero is –273.15 degree C. On the Fahrenheit scale, it was -459.67 degree F.

Temperature Facts

Temperature Facts

Temperature Facts 3: the importance of temperature

Temperature is very important to note for the people who want to learn more about the natural science. When you study biology, chemistry, geology, physics, medicine and atmospheric science, the temperature is used.

Temperature Facts 4: the physical properties of materials

There are various physical processes affected by temperature. The phase of materials such as plasma, liquid, gas and solid are influenced by temperature. Other physical properties include electrical conductivity, vapor pressure, solubility and density.

Temperature Hot

Temperature Hot

Temperature Facts 5: the common temperature scale

The most common temperature scale used by the people is Celsius scale. It is considered as an empirical scale.

Temperature Facts 6: the freezing point of water

In Celsius scale, the freezing point of water is zero degree C. The boiling point of water is 100 degree C.

Temperature Pic

Temperature Pic

Temperature Facts 7: Fahrenheit scale

Fahrenheit scale is normally used by the people in United States to determine the temperature unit. At the sea-level atmospheric pressure, the boiling point of water is at 212 degree F. It freezes at 32 degree F. Find facts about snow here.

Temperature Facts 8: Kelvin temperature scale

Kelvin temperature scale is commonly employed in the scientific measurement. It was defined by Scottish physicist. The freezing point in K scale is 273.15K. The absolute zero is 0K.

Temperature Pictures

Temperature Pictures

Temperature Facts 9: Empirically based scales

The measurements of simple properties of the materials are used as the foundation to determine the empirically based scales. Get facts about summer here.

Temperature Facts 10: Theoretically based scales

The theoretical arguments are used to determine the theoretically based scales. It can be seen from the quantum mechanics, kinetic theory and thermodynamic.



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