10 Interesting Blizzards Facts

Thursday, November 21st 2013. | Disasters

Blizzards facts below give you the information about the severe snowstorm. People should find out about blizzard in details if they are still new in US. Many people think that the snowy area is a great place to live. It is true because you can play with snow. However, when blizzard comes, you will know the true nature of the snowstorm. Find out more facts about blizzard below:

Blizzards Facts 1: severe snowstorm

A blizzard is characterized with severe snowstorm. It is usually is accentuated with high wind and cold temperature. If you find out a blizzard around the region, it usually is a combination of both conditions.

Blizzards Facts 2: whiteout condition

When you find blizzard, it is better for you not to come outside. It is not easy for you to see the street and road because of the whiteout condition. It is so dangerous for you to drive a car and walk on the street.



Blizzards Facts 3: wind chill

Blizzard presents a dangerous impact. When it occurs, the temperature is very low.  It is also combined with high wind. This condition can lead human being to experience hyperthermia or frostbite.

Blizzards Facts 4: speed

The speed of the wind when a blizzard occurs can reach 35 mph.  This blowing snow is very dangerous if you are outside. National Weather Service reports that the visibility of the people is reduced to ¼ of a mile within three hours.

Blizzards facts

Blizzards facts

Blizzards Facts 5: Nor’easters

Nor’easters is a term used by the people to call the blizzard which occurs on the east coast of United States. The area will be buried with 24 hours of snow fall. The storm in the area falls over because of the Atlantic Ocean.

Blizzards Facts 6: frozen snow

Even though you have never seen any snow in your country, you should never eat the frozen snow. It can make your body temperature dropped.

Blizzards Snow

Blizzards Snow

Blizzards Facts 7: Schoolhouse Blizzard

The Great plains were affected by the Schoolhouse Blizzard in 1888. 235 people died in this disaster. Many victims were the children who wanted to reach their home after finishing their school hour.

Blizzards Facts 8: Great Blizzard of 1888

Another legendary Blizzard is Great Blizzard of 1888. It occurred in New Jersey, Connecticut, Massacusset, and New York. During the storm, there were 30 people died. Many of the victims were trapped inside the house because the snow fell around 40 to 50 inches thick.



Blizzards Facts 9: caught of blizzard

The people caught by blizzard when they were in a car had to stay inside the car. There is no need for you to walk since it can make you walk in circle. The visibility is very low and you can get caught by the cold temperature.

Blizzards Facts 10: prevention

Prevention is needed for those living in a blizzard area. You need to have an extra blanket and food to keep you safe if you are trapped at home.

chicago Blizzards

chicago Blizzards

You need to inform the kids on what they have to do when they get caught by blizzard at home or in the street. Do you have any other information on facts about blizzard?

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