10 Interesting Slovakia Facts

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Let’s find out the information about the country in Central Europe in Slovakia Facts. The official name of Slovakia is the Slovak Republic. The area of this country is 19,000 square miles or 49,000 square km. It is inhabited by more than five million people. You can check out the interesting places to visit, culture as well as the countries which shares the border with Slovakia in the below post:

Slovakia Facts 1: the border

Slovakia shares the border with other countries such as Poland to the north, Austria and Czech Republic to the west, Hungary to the south and Ukraine to the east.

Slovakia Facts 2: the capital city

Can you tell me the capital city of Slovakia? It is Bratislava. This city is considered as the largest one in the country.

Slovakia Beauty

Slovakia Beauty

Slovakia Facts 3: the organization

There are several organizations that Slovakia follows. You can find it as member of NATO, Schengen Area, Eurozone, European Union, WTO, OECD, and United Nations.

Slovakia Facts 4: the history of Slovakia

In 5th and 6th centuries, the Slovak people came to the present day Slovakia. The Samo’s Empire was established in 7th century. The Principality of Nitra was formed in 9th century. It was a part of Kingdom of Hungary in 10th century. On 1 January 1993, Slovakia became an independent country.

Slovakia Picture

Slovakia Picture

Slovakia Facts 5: the folk tradition

If we talk about culture in Slovakia, we should never forget with the folk tradition. It can be seen on the architecture, dance, music and literature. Get facts about Saudi Arabia here.

Slovakia Facts 6: “Nad Tatrou sa blýska”

“Nad Tatrou sa blýska” is the national anthem of Slovakia. Do you know that the melody of this anthem was taken from the folk song entitled “Kopala studienku”?

Slovakia Travel

Slovakia Travel

Slovakia Facts 7: “Východná” Folklore Festival

“Východná” Folklore Festival is very famous in Slovakia. It is also a prime example of the folk tradition in the country. It gains an international acclaim.

Slovakia Facts 8: the wooden folk architecture

If you are interested to know the wooden folk architecture, you can visit village of Vlkolínec. In 1993, it is included as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.



Slovakia Facts 9: Juraj Jánošík

Juraj Jánošík is the Robin Hood version in Slovakia. He was considered as folk Slovak hero. Get facts about Slovenia here.

Slovakia Facts 10: ice hockey

Ice hockey is considered as the most popular sport in the country. In 2012, the country won a silver medal in IIHF World Championship in Helsinki. In 2011, it hosted the IIHF World Championship on Kosice and Bratislava.  The gold medal was earned by Finland team.

facts about Slovakia

facts about Slovakia

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