10 Interesting Jamaica Facts

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Jamaica facts give you the valuable information about reggae music country in the world. Many people think that Jamaica is the birthplace of reggae music.  Actually there are many interesting facts that you can find in Jamaica like the economy, mountain, export, and agricultural products. Let’s find out about Jamaica facts by reading the following post:

Jamaica Facts 1: population

Let’s find out the population of Jamaica. Based on the census in 2012, this country was the home to more than 2.9 million people.

Jamaica Facts 2: Kingston

Do you know the capital city of Jamaica? It is in Kingston. The city is considered as the largest one in the country. People love to visit Jamaica because it is one of island nations located in Caribbean. You can travel here to enjoy the tropical paradise.



Jamaica Facts 3: Christopher Columbus

At first Jamaica was controlled by Spain after the famous explorer, Columbus came to the island in 1494. However, in 1655, Jamaica was taken by the English kingdom. The country got the independence in 1962.

Jamaica Facts 4: Blue Mountains

If you want to know the longest mountain range in Jamaica, you can visit Blue Mountains. The elevation of the mountain is around 7402 feet or 2256 meters. It is considered as the highest point in the country.

Jamaica Beach

Jamaica Beach

Jamaica Facts 5: hurricane

Just like some parts in America, Jamaica is susceptible to hurricane. However, you will love to stay here because of the humid weather.

Jamaica Facts 6: snake

There are 8 native snakes originated from Jamaica. When you visit the country and see the snakes, you do not need to be careful. All of them are not venomous.

Jamaica facts

Jamaica facts

Jamaica Facts 7: currency

When you have a holiday in Jamaica, ensure that you have changed the currency of your money. The local people use the Jamaican dollar to trade.

Jamaica Facts 8: road side

Traveling in Jamaican using your own car is amusing. However, you need to get used to the left hand side road of driving. The people in Jamaica will drive in that left hand side.

Jamaica Pic

Jamaica Pic

Jamaica Facts 9: products

The famous Jamaican products that the people export to other countries include sugar, coffee and bananas.

Jamaica Facts 10: high level of crime

You need to be careful when you travel alone in the country. The level of crime here is very high. However, it does not bother more than 1 million tourists to visit Jamaica each year.

Jamaica View

Jamaica View

There are two main languages spoken by Jamaican people. Both are Jamaican Patois and Jamaican English. Are you interested reading facts about Jamaica?

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