10 Interesting Paraguay Facts

Wednesday, September 24th 2014. | Countries

Paraguay Facts present the detail information about the country called as the heart of America. Many people also called it as “El corazón de América”. The main reason of this nickname is because of the location of the country. You can find it located in the middle of the American continent. Here are facts about Paraguay for you:

Paraguay Facts 1: poverty

It is very sad to know that Paraguay is called as the second poorest country in South America. There are many environment issues that the country has to face. One of them is the deforestation.

Paraguay Facts 2: languages

The people in Paraguay have two official languages. Both are Guarani and Spanish languages.

Paraguay Country

Paraguay Country

Paraguay Facts 3: the largest rodent in the world

Do you know that the largest rodent in the world is located in Paraguay?  The rodent is Capybara/Carpincho. It looks funny.

Paraguay Facts 4: the best lacework

Paraguay is famous with the best lacework in the world. It is produced by most Paraguayan women. The famous one is called Nanduti.  The name was taken from the Guarani language. It means spider web.

Paraguay Facts

Paraguay Facts

Paraguay Facts 5: the motto

Can you tell me the motto of Paraguay? It is Paz y Justicia. In English, it means Peace and Justice.

Paraguay Facts 6:the main diet

The people in Paraguay like to eat chipa. This food reminds you with a bagel. The main ingredients to make chipa include cornmeal, cheese and manioc.

Paraguay Images

Paraguay Images

Paraguay Facts 7: the landlocked country

There are two landlocked countries in South America. Both are Bolivia and Paraguay.  Find out facts about Bolivia here.

Paraguay Facts 8: the flag

The flag in Paraguay is very unique. You can find different emblems for the front and back of the flag.  It is the only one in the world which has it.

Paraguay Pic

Paraguay Pic

Paraguay Facts 9: upper class

Most Latin American countries have the aristocratic upper class. But you cannot find the upper class aristocratic in Paraguay.

Paraguay Facts 10: the first railway line

The first railway line was built in Paraguay in 1858 till 1861 by the Engineers from Britain.



The Pantanal was the largest firewater wetland. It spans on Bolivia, Brazil and Paraguay. Do you want to give comment on facts about Paraguay?

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