10 Interesting Niger Facts

Friday, August 29th 2014. | Countries

Niger Facts present the ideas about one of the countries in Africa. French is called as the official language in Niger. You are wrong if you think that Swahili is the official language in the country. If you are interested to know the highest point, currency, and export of Niger, checks the following post below:

Niger Facts 1: the capital city

The capital city of Niger was Niamey. It was declared as the new capital city in 1926. Once, the capital city was Zinder.

Niger Facts 2: borders

There are several countries bordering Niger. Those include Libya, Nigeria, Mali, Burkina, Benin, Chad and Algeria. The country is divided in one capital district and 7 regions.

Niger Facts

Niger Facts

Niger Facts 3: economy

The economy of the people in Niger is very low. It is included as one of the countries with poorest economy. Moreover, it is also included in the countries with the lowest human development index in the world.

Niger Facts 4: name

The name of the country, Niger is derived from the gher n-gheren. It was taken from the Tamashek language. It means “river among rivers”.

Niger Famine

Niger Famine

Niger Facts 5: nickname

Niger has an interesting nickname. It is called as Frying Pan of the World due to the hot temperature in the country.

Niger Facts 6: slavery

Since May 2004, slavery was illegal in Niger. Get facts about slavery here.

Niger Maps

Niger Maps

Niger Facts 7: the people

If you want to call the people living in the country, you can say Nigeriens. The currency used by the people in the trading system is CFA Franc.

Niger Facts 8: the highest point in Niger

The highest point in Niger is located in Mountain Greboun. The height of the mountain is around 1,944 meters or 6,379 feet.

Niger Saltwater

Niger Saltwater

Niger Facts 9: refuge

Niger is one of the most protected countries in the world. The protected animals include gazelle, oryx, addax and cheetah.

Niger Facts 10: Nigersaurus

Nigersaurus is a type of dinosaur. It is characterized with hammerhead skull and long neck. The discovery of this dinosaur was in Niger.



If you want to know one of the African beauties in Niger, you can go to Musée National du Niger. You can enjoy the natural scenery of the country. Are you impressed with facts about Niger?

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