10 Interesting Uzbekistan Facts

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Uzbekistan Facts inform us with a landlocked country located in Central Asia. The country has a capital city, an autonomous republic and 12 provinces.  It shares border with five countries such as Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan. Talking about its brief history, the country was a part of the Turkic Khaganate in the past. Then it was a part of the Timurid Empires.  Let us get other interesting facts about Uzbekistan below:

Uzbekistan Facts 1: Republic of Uzbekistan

Republic of Uzbekistan covers the area captured by the Eastern Turkic-speaking nomads in the beginning of 16th century.

Uzbekistan Facts 2: the Russian Empire

In 19th century, Uzbekistan was included as a part of Russian Empire. Then it became Uzbek SSR in 1924. On 31 August 1991, Republic of Uzbekistan was established as an independent country after its breakup with the Soviet Union.

Uzbekistan Beauty

Uzbekistan Beauty

Uzbekistan Facts 3: the characteristics of Uzbekistan

Now Uzbekistan is characterized as a country with various cultural heritages. However, it employs the secular, democratic and unitary style.

Uzbekistan Facts 4: the official language

Uzbek is considered as the official language in the country. Almost 85 percent of the people in the country speak this Turkic language. The Latin alphabets are used to write it. However, the people still communicate using the Russian language. Look at facts about Uruguay here.

Uzbekistan Art

Uzbekistan Art

Uzbekistan Facts 5: the economy

The economy in Uzbekistan is focused on the community production of natural gas, uranium, gold and cotton.

Uzbekistan Facts 6: the first president of Uzbekistan

The first president of Uzbekistan was Islam Karimov. He was elected after the country declared its independence in 1991. Check facts about Northern Ireland here.

Uzbekistan Facts

Uzbekistan Facts

Uzbekistan Facts 7: the Oliy Majlis

The Oliy Majlis plays an important role during the election. It is considered as the Supreme Assembly or Parliament in Uzbekistan.

Uzbekistan Facts 8: the gold deposit

Do you know that the fourth largest deposit of gold in the world is located in Uzbekistan?  The annual production of gold reaches 80 tons.  It also has the uranium and copper deposits. The annual gas production of Uzbekistan reaches 6 to 70 billion cu m.

Facts about Uzbekistan

Facts about Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan Facts 9: energy sector

The energy sector in Uzbekistan is also important since the largest companies in the world like Lukoil, Petronas, and CNPC are involved here.

Uzbekistan Facts 10: agriculture

The 26 percent of labor forces in the country are employed in the agricultural sector. It has 4.4 million hectares of land, which can be cultivated by the farmers.

Uzbekistan Man

Uzbekistan Man

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