10 Interesting Hong Kong Facts

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Hong Kong facts present the information about the industry, technology and high economy in Hong Kong. If you visit Hong Kong, you will be amazed with the big and tall sky scrapers. People love to work here since it gives them more opportunity to succeed. Find out more about Hong Kong below:

Hong Kong Facts 1: Charles Kao

Charles Kao is very famous in Hong Kong. He got a Nobel Prize in 2009 in physics. The most fascinating breakthrough of this professor is the fiber optic communication.

Hong Kong Facts 2: Peak Tram

In 1888, the first cable funicular in Asia was available in Hong Kong. It is called Peak Tram. Until today, it remains the busiest transportation in Hong Kong. Every day, more than 11,000 people ride this tram.

Hong Kong Coastline

Hong Kong Coastline

Hong Kong Facts 3: what to offer in Hong Kong?

More than 75 percent of Hong Kong is filled with rural area. You can also find beaches, woodland, scenic hills, country parks and reservoirs.

Hong Kong Facts 4: “Poon Choi” dish

“Poon Choi” dish is very popular during the Chinese New Year. You can eat this food by visiting the Cantonese restaurant in Hong Kong. This food is created by using 10 different ingredients. You need to try it when you visit Hong Kong.

Hong Kong facts

Hong Kong facts

Hong Kong Facts 5: economy

The economy of Hong Kong lies on the service industry. It accounts the Hong Kong national GDP around 92.9 percent. Other industries include the hotel, restaurant, rattail and wholesale trade.

Hong Kong Facts 6: Feng Shui

Even though Hong Kong is considered as a modern city, Feng Shui is still used to shape the architecture in Kong Kong. The construction project should never contradict the feng shui.

Hong Kong Pic

Hong Kong Pic

Hong Kong Facts 7: Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong Disneyland is the famous attraction in Hong Kong. It is considered as the first park of Disneyland located outside United States.  It was firstly opened in 2005.

Hong Kong Facts 8: bottles of wine

The most expensive bottles of wine were sold at auction in Hong Kong in the price of USD232, 692 per bottle.

Hong Kong Stores

Hong Kong Stores

Hong Kong Facts 9: Mongkok

If you want to know the densely populated area in Hong Kong, you can visit Mongkok. There are 13,000 people per square kilometer.

Hong Kong Facts 10: Canton-pop

Canton-pop is very popular in Hong Kong. This unique brand spreads to Asia which makes the Cantonese singers famous.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Traveling to Hong Kong is wonderful because you can enjoy great scenery and hospitality from the local people. Are you interested with facts about Hong Kong?

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