10 Interesting Saudi Arabia Facts

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Saudi Arabia Facts talk about the large Arab State. The official name of this country is Kingdom of Arab Saudi.  The land area of Arab Saudi is around 830,000 square miles or 2,150,000 km square.  It is considered as the second largest country in Arab world. But it takes the first place as the largest Arab state in western Asia. Here are other interesting facts about Saudi Arabia for you:

Saudi Arabia Facts 1: the border

There are several countries which share border with Saudi Arabia.  You can find Oman to the southeast, Bahrain, Qatar and United Arab Emirates to the east, Jordan and Iraq to the northern and Yemen to the south.

Saudi Arabia Facts 2: the terrain

Most of the terrains in Saudi Arabia are the barren lands and desert.  It is the country in the world which shares border with Persian Gulf Coast and Red Sea Coast.

Saudi Arabia Image

Saudi Arabia Image

Saudi Arabia Facts 3: the regions

In the past, Saudi Arabia had four regions. Those were the Southern Arabia, parts of Eastern Arabia, Najd and Hejaz.

Saudi Arabia Facts 4: the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Ibn Saud formed the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 1932 by combining those four regions under one nation. The series of the conquest of those regions started in 1902.

Saudi Arabia Facts

Saudi Arabia Facts

Saudi Arabia Facts 5: the country system

The government of Saudi Arabia is based on the absolute monarchy using the Islamic lines. The predominated feature of Saudi culture is the Wahhabi Islam. Get facts about Islam here.

Saudi Arabia Facts 6: the nickname

One of the famous nicknames of Saudi Arabia is the Land of the Two Holy Mosques. It is due to the fact that the nation is a home to the two holiest places in Islam. Both are Al-Masjid a Nabawi located in Medina and Al-Masjid al-Haram in Mecca.

Facts about Saudi Arabia

Facts about Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia Facts 7: the population

The country is inhabited by 28.7 million people. The Saudi nationals are around 20 million people, while the rest of them are the foreign people.

Saudi Arabia Facts 8: natural resources

The second largest oil producer in the world is taken by Saudi Arabia. The nation also becomes the second largest country with hydrocarbon reserves. The income of this country is very high due to the fossil fuels.

Saudi Arabia Pic

Saudi Arabia Pic

Saudi Arabia Facts 9: the national sport

Can you guess the national sport of Saudi Arabia?  It is football. Other interesting sports include sailing, scuba diving, basketball and windsurfing. The traditional sport is the camel racing.

Saudi Arabia Facts 10: the cuisine

The cuisine of this country also reflects the type of food in Arabian Peninsula. The Indian, Turkish, Persian and African cuisine affects the Arabian cuisine. The popular one is kebabs.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia

Are you impressed reading facts about Saudi Arabia?

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