10 Interesting Skin Facts

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The outer cover of human body is explained in skin facts. Skin has the important function to protect the bones, internal organs, muscles and ligaments. There are several layers which make up the skin.  The skin can appear hairless even though actually it has the hair follicles. Get more interesting facts about skin below:

Skin Facts 1: types of skins

In general, there are two types of skins.  Both are the glabrous skin and hairy skin. Skin is very important for human being for it can protect the body from the excessive water loss and pathogens.

Skin Facts 2: other functions of skins

There are many other functions of skin that you need to know. It is used for sensation, temperature regulation, and insulation, protection of vitamin B folates and synthesis of vitamin D. Find out facts about senses here.

Skin Texture

Skin Texture

Skin Facts 3: the healing process

The scar tissues will be formed to heal the damaged skin. The scars are not appealing to view for they are discolored. Get facts about plastic surgery here.

Skin Facts 4: the skin type

There are several skin types. It can be dry, oily, normal or combined skin type. It is estimated that around 1000 species from 19 phyla inhabit the human skin.



Skin Facts 5: the ultraviolet radiation

The UV or ultraviolet radiation can damage the skin cells. To protect the skin from this radiation, the skin has melanocytes which produce melanin or pigmentation. The UV which damages the skin can be reversed for it also contains the DNA repair enzymes. The people with high risk of skin cancer usually have lack of the genes.

Skin Facts 6: malignant melanoma

The malignant melanoma is a skin condition caused by the ultraviolet light.  This skin condition can spread quickly. If you have it, you have to contact the doctor as soon as possible for it can be deadly for the person.

Facts about Skin

Facts about Skin

Skin Facts 7: the surface area of skin

Can you estimate the surface area of skin on human body? The thickness of skin is around 0.10 inch or 2-3 mm. It has the total surface area around 16.1 to 21.5 square feet or 1.5 to 2.0 square metres for the adult body.

Skin Facts 8: the sensation

One of the important functions of skin is the sensation. You will be able to feel the vibration, touch, pressure, cold, head, and injury for it has different kinds of nerve ending.

Skin Facts

Skin Facts

Skin Facts 9: the pigments

The skin has at least five pigments. Those include Oxyhemoglobin, Hemoglobin, Carotene, melanoid and melanin.

Skin Facts 10: the oily skin

One type of skin is the oily skin. It is characterized by the presence of pimples, blemishes and shininess due to the high amount of sebum produced by the sebaceous glands.

Skin Pic

Skin Pic

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