10 Interesting Stress Facts

Saturday, October 24th 2015. | Human

Stress Facts talk about the silent killer that people often neglect. Some people do not know that they are actually stressful with the life. If you do not care with this condition, it may lead to have chest pain, high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat and heart disease. Here are some interesting facts about stress for you:

Stress Facts 1: the myth

The myth states that the hair will turn into grey if the people are stressful. Actually it not true. Actually three months after you experience the stressful event, the hair loss begins.

Stress Facts 2: the stressful cities in America

Can you guess the stressful cities in America? Those are Chicago, California, and New York.

Stress facts

Stress facts

Stress Facts 3: the stressful jobs in 2009

There was a report about the top stressful jobs in the world. Those include a photojournalist, commercial airline airport, surgeon, real estate agent and advertising account executive. On the other hand, the astronomer, software engineer, dietitian, system analyst and actuary were included in the list of the least stressful jobs.

Stress Facts 4: the stress for men

The motility as well as the amount of sperm produced by men will be affected if they are stressful. Moreover, it can lead into erectile dysfunction. Get facts about sperm here.



Stress Facts 5: the acne

The acne is always linked with stress.  The inflammation on the acne gets worse when people are stressful. Find skin facts here.

Stress Facts 6: the easiest way to reduce stress

The easiest and cheapest way that you can do to reduce stress is by laughing. The stress hormones such as adrenaline, epinephrine and cortisol will be decreased when you laugh. The health enhancing hormone will be produced.

Stress Pic

Stress Pic

Stress Facts 7: the fat

You have to be careful with stress since the accumulation of the abdominal fat will be increased due to the presence of hormone cortisol.

Stress Facts 8: the causes of death

There are six leading causes of death associated with stress. Those include suicide, lung ailment, accident, heart disease, liver cirrhosis, accidents and cancer.

Stress Image

Stress Image

Stress Facts 9: the cause of stress

Money is considered as the main reason why people were stressful based on the report of CNN poll in 2009. At that time, China, US, Singapore and Malaysia were included as the most stressful countries involved with money.

Stress Facts 10: the evolutionary drive

Stress is considered as an evolutionary drive. It enhances the physical performance and awareness of the people in order to survive.

Stress at Work

Stress at Work

Do you have any opinion on facts about stress?

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