10 Interesting Kidney Facts

Thursday, May 22nd 2014. | Human

Kidney facts educate you more about one of the important organs in the human body. When you want to live forever, don’t forget to concern with the health of kidney. You need to drink a lot of water to make the work of the kidney effective and efficient. Here are the interesting facts about kidney:

Kidney Facts 1: length and weight

Are you curious to find out the length and weight of kidney?  The weight is around five ounces. The length of the kidney is around 4.5 inches.

Kidney Facts 2: blood filtration

Filtrating the blood is the most important job of a kidney.  Every five minutes, the kidney filters our blood. In a day, there are 50 gallons of blood filtered by the organ.

kidney facts

kidney facts

Kidney Facts 3: word

When people talk about kidney, they always associate this word with stones, disease, failure and transplant.

Kidney Facts 4: mention of kidneys

Kidney has been mentioned in various books.  In the King James Bible, you can find 13 mentions of the word kidneys, not kidney. In The Merry Wives of Windsor by Shakespeare, you can find “a man of my kidney”.

kidney Human

kidney Human

Kidney Facts 5: human kidney transplant

Today, human kidney transplant is very common when people face kidney failure. It was firstly performed in 1954. Now there are at least 3,000 kidney transplants performed by NHS.

Kidney Facts 6: Nephrite

Nephrite is named after Nephros. It is the Greek word of kidney. Nephrite is a kind of jade. Some people believe that it is helpful to treat the kidney disease.

kidney Pic

kidney Pic

Kidney Facts 7: urine

Every day, kidney has to filter 2 quarts of urine. A kidney will do the job until the function is mislaid 80 percent.

Kidney Facts 8: kidney disease

You need to know that high blood pressure and diabetes are the main diseases which lead to kidney failure. If you want to make sure that the kidney is healthy, you need to perform healthy life style. Check diabetes facts here.

kidney system

kidney system

Kidney Facts 9: one kidney

People can live with one kidney. That’s why some people donate their kidney to help other people.  The life expectancy is not reduced even though you only live with one kidney.

Kidney Facts 10: anaemia

Anaemia is a disease which develops when the kidneys do no work properly. It is due to the fact that the hormone assembly in kidney is reduced because of the failure. With the right medication anaemia can be treated.



The best way to avoid kidney failure is by stabilizing the quantity of liquid inside the body. Are you amazed with facts about kidney?

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