10 Interesting Genetic Facts

Monday, February 10th 2014. | Human

Genetic facts will be so much interesting to learn about. Not all people understand more about genetic. By knowing some facts about it indeed will help you gaining better knowledge. Therefore, I want to provide information related to those facts about genetic.

Genetic Facts 1: hybrid vigor

It is general knowledge that inbreeding is dangerous to do. Yet, it is interesting because people who conduct two individuals inbreeding from different families may gain hybrid vigor. It is the result of offspring who gains better physical level of fitness than the parents and other population.

Genetic Facts 2: epigenetic

If it is about genetic, you need to know about epigenetic. It is the study of any alteration of DNA even without changing the DNA sequence. The chemical modification to the DNA can make your gene whether lesser or more active. This also affect mostly to the health of the offspring.

Genetic  Pic

Genetic Pic

Genetic Facts 3: mosaicism

Many people say that all DNA within our cells are is the same. This is indeed a fact. Yet, the result will be different if there is mutation happening. There is also organism within the case of mosaicism called chimera.

Genetic Facts 4: genome

Next fact is about genome. You may recognize that any cell within the body may contain complete copy of the genome. The exceptions are the sperm cells. There only is half of our genome.

Genetic Facts

Genetic Facts

Genetic Facts 5: the Sans

You can consider the Sans as one of oldest peoples in this world. There is even genetic proof of it. It means that they can be considered as most ancient people. The society even refers them as the “genetic Adam”.

Genetic Facts 6: Yoruba

Do you know twins? There is certain ethnic group in Africa which has very high birth rate of twins. Therefore, many researchers are interested to study about this heritability field.



Genetic Facts 7: haemophilia

You should know that haemophilia is certain recessive disease having relation to sex chromosome X. Any people having 2 recessive genes may develop the disease.

Genetic Facts 8:  banana origination

There is a fact that banana is originated in Asia. This fruit had involved well in history. During the biggest period of migration of human, banana was brought to Africa.



Genetic Facts 9: DNA presence

Usually people recognize DNA to be present in nucleus. The fact is that DNA occurs as well within mitochondria.

Genetic Facts 10: the genes

Any human at least have about 30,000 genes. Unless you have identical twin, you have unique and different DNA from each others.



For further facts about Genetic, you can gather from textbook or any different source out there. Internet can be good option as well.

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