10 Interesting the Olympic Torch Facts

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The Olympic Torch Facts talk about the symbol of Olympic Games. The tradition of lighting the flame on the torch dated back in ancient Greece. This tradition was commemorating the theft of fire by Prometheus from Zeus, the Greek god. During the celebration of ancient Olympics, the fire will be kept burning all day long. Check the other interesting facts about the Olympic Torch below:

The Olympic Torch Facts 1: the first introduction of Olympic torch

During the IX Olympiad 1928, the fire was set up for the first time in Amsterdam. Today, the fire is considered as an important element in modern Olympic Games.

The Olympic Torch Facts 2: the winter games

The IV Olympic Winter Games 1936 features the first fire. The game was hosted by Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

the olympic torch facts

the olympic torch facts

The Olympic Torch Facts 3: the design of the Olympic torch

Each Game in Olympics will present different design of a torch. The new design can be used to show the local aspect or even a classical idea of the Games. Find facts about the Olympics 2016 here.

The Olympic Torch Facts 4: the notable industrial designers

The notable industrial designers had created the famous torches for Albertville in 1992 and Turin in 2006.

the olympic torch pictures

the olympic torch pictures

The Olympic Torch Facts 5: the criticism

The people criticized the design of the Turin torch. The runners thought that it was very heavy. The classical designed torches are more popular than the design.

The Olympic Torch Facts 6: Ralph Lavers

Ralph Lavers was an architect who took the credit for designing the Olympic torch for London Olympics in 1948. The weight of the torch is 960 gram with the length of 47 cm. Hiduminium aluminium alloy was the material to create the torch.

the olympic torch rio

the olympic torch rio

The Olympic Torch Facts 7: the importance of the torch

The torch is considered as an important element in the Olympics. During the opening ceremony, the attention of the people will be directed on the spectacular flame produced by the torch. That’s why the torch did not have to resist the weather or even have long distance duration. Check facts about the Olympic flags here.

The Olympic Torch Facts 8: safety

The holder of the final torch at Melbourne Olympics in 1956 was injured even though it produced spectacular look. It was powered by the magnesium/aluminum fuel.

the olympic torch

the olympic torch

The Olympic Torch Facts 9: 1968 Mexico Games

Another accident of burning also took place during the Olympic Games in Mexico of 1968. It was a solid fueled torch.

The Olympic Torch Facts 10: the number of torches

The number of torches created during the Olympics is various. In London 2012 Games, there were 8,000 torches. In 1980 Moscow Games, there were 6,200 torches.

the olympic torches

the olympic torches

Are you impressed after reading facts about the Olympic Torch?

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