10 Interesting American Football Facts

Thursday, November 7th 2013. | Sports

If you love football, you can read the whole American football facts in the following post below. When you talk about America, football is the American’s favorite sport. You can see them spreading all over the seats when the NFL season begins. Here are the fascinating facts about American football:

American Football Facts 1: Detroit Lions and New York Giants

The last scoreless game during the NFL history occurred in 1943. It was the game between the New York giants and Detroit lions. The score was 0-0 tie.

American Football Facts 2: Brandon Marshall

Brandon Marshall was caught in 21 passes in 2009.  He made an NFL record due to his 21 receptions. You can compare this man with Sam Aiken who only caught with 20 passes in all seasons in 2009.

American Football

American Football

American Football Facts 3: AFL

The rival league of NFL is AFL. It was formed in 1960. NFL did anything to block the development of AFL.

American Football Facts 4: Walter Payton

Walter Payton was a good player. Even though he was caught with horrible flu during the game against the Minnesota Viking in 1977, he could rush in 275 yards.

American Football Facts

American Football Facts

American Football Facts 5: WR Don Hutson of the Packers

WR Don Hutson of the Packers was a prominent player. His name is marked in a Hall of Fame. In 1942, he got 74 receptions. The WR came in the second place because he only got 27 receptions.

American Football Facts 6: the longest non scoring play

Do you know the longest non scoring play in the American football history? It was played from Jim Hart to Bobby Moore for a 98 yard pass in 1972. Many of you probably do not know that Moore now has a new name of Ahmad Rashad.

American Football Players

American Football Players

American Football Facts 7: Tom Brady

Tom Brady is one of the American football players who can pass 99 yard. Other interesting players included in this list include izo to Mitchell, Graham to Speedie, Favre to Brooks and many more.

American Football Facts 8: Pittsburgh Steelers

During the WWII, there were many football players in US.  This condition led the Pittsburg Steelers to merge with Philadelphia Eagles in 1943. Their team was called  Steagles. This team did not make a good record. However, when Pittsburg was infused with Chicago Cardinals, the team can reach 0-10.

american football

american football

American Football Facts 9: Chicago Cardinals

The name given for the combination of Pittsburg Steelers and Chicago Cardinals is CarPit.

American Football Facts 10: Detroit Lions

Detroit Lions had 0-16 in 2008. This team played it rough to get the wonderful 571 points.

American Football

American Football

There were many teams in American football which often change the name of the team. Let me remind you with New York Titans which changes the name into New York Jets. The Houston Oilers changes it as Tennessee Titans. Do you want to comment on facts about American football?

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