10 Interesting the Olympic Rings Facts

Monday, September 19th 2016. | Sports

The Olympic Rings Facts tell you about one of the important symbols in Olympics Games. If you check the Olympics flags, they always feature the five interlocking rings. People call them as the Olympic rings. Each ring has different color of red, green, black, yellow and blue with white backdrop. The five continents in the world Australia, Europe, America, Asia and Africa are represented by the rings. Check other interesting facts about the Olympic rings below:

The Olympic Rings Facts 1: Baron Pierre de Coubertin

Baron Pierre de Coubertin was the co-founder of the modern Olympic Games. In 1912, he designed the rings as the symbol.

The Olympic Rings Facts 2: the point of view of Coubertin

The colors of each nation’s flag which competed during the games at time were represented by the presence of ring colors located at the white backdrop. He had this statement in the edition of Olympique in August 1912.

facts about the olympic rings

facts about the olympic rings

The Olympic Rings Facts 3: the colors

Greece was represented by blue and white. On the other hand, Sweden took blue and yellow. France and Serbia were represented by the tri-colors. Check facts about the Olympic Flags here.

The Olympic Rings Facts 4: other countries

The new China, old Japan, Australia, Brazil, Belgium, Hungary, Italy, Spain, America and United Kingdom or Great Britain & Ireland had the similar colors.

the olympic rings facts

the olympic rings facts

The Olympic Rings Facts 5: an international symbol

The ring colors represent the international symbol.

The Olympic Rings Facts 6: the idea of Coubertin

Coubertin had an idea of creating the Olympic rings when he was in USFSA. The Union of two sports associations established the USFSA. At that time, he was the representative of International Olympic Committee in France until 1925.

the olympic rings london

the olympic rings london

The Olympic Rings Facts 7: the emblem of the union

The two interlaced rings were used as the emblem of the union. They were used to symbolize the continuity as well as human being based on the idea of Carl Jung, a Swiss psychiatrist. Get facts about the Olympic 2016 here.

The Olympic Rings Facts 8: the outbreak of the First World War

Since the First World War broke out, the congress was suspended in 1914. Later, the union employed the flag and symbol.

the olympic rings pictures

the olympic rings pictures

The Olympic Rings Facts 9: the debut of the symbol

In 1920, The Games of the VII Olympiad in Antwerp officially debuted the symbol and flag for the first time.

The Olympic Rings Facts 10: the popularity

Since the popularity of the ring was very impressive, it was applied in Berlin during the Summer Olympics in 1936.

olympic rings colors

olympic rings colors

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