10 Interesting the Olympics 2016 Facts

Saturday, September 17th 2016. | Sports

The Olympics 2016 Facts will explain about a prominent international multi-sport event in the world. It was hosted from 5th August to 21st August 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This event is also called Rio 2016 or Games of the XXXI Olympiad. There are 207 Olympic Committees participated in the event with over 11,000 athletes. The Refugee Olympic Team, South Sudan and Kosovo took part in this event for the first time. Let’s find out other interesting facts about the Olympics 2016 below:

The Olympics 2016 Facts 1: the medals

The event provides 306 sets of medals. the participants would like to earn most medals.

The Olympics 2016 Facts 2: the host cities

There were 33 venues in Brazil which hosted the sporting events of Olympics 2016. Manaus, Brasilia, Belo Horizonte, and Sao Paulo were the host cities.

the olympics 2016 pic

the olympics 2016 pic

The Olympics 2016 Facts 3: Thomas Bach

Thomas Back is the IOC president. Olympic 2016 marked his debut for hosting the first Summer Olympic Games under his presidency.

The Olympics 2016 Facts 4: Rio de Janeiro

On 2nd October 2009, there was an announcement of selecting Rio de Janeiro as the host city in Copenhagen, Denmark during the 121st IOC Session. The Summer Olympics was held for the first time in South American City of Rio de Janeiro. Get facts about the Melbourne Cup here.

the olympics 2016 pictures

the olympics 2016 pictures

The Olympics 2016 Facts 5: controversies

Controversies occurred after Rio was selected as the host city for Olympics 2016.  The issues related to a doping scandal which involved Russia, high level of pollution in Guanabara Bay and  the instability of federal government were some events which made up the controversies.

The Olympics 2016 Facts 6: the top medal recipients

The top medal recipient in Olympics 2016 was United States. The country took the fifth time as the top medal recipient.

the olympics 2016 facts

the olympics 2016 facts

The Olympics 2016 Facts 7: the record of medals for US

In Olympics 2016, US earned 121 medals. It had the most gold medals with 46. The runner up in term of medals was Great Britain. The third position was taken by China.

The Olympics 2016 Facts 8: the achievement of the host country

Brazil earned the 13th place in Summer Olympics 2016. It gained 7 gold medals. Check facts about the FIFA World Cup here.

the olympics 2016

the olympics 2016

The Olympics 2016 Facts 9: the first gold medals

The countries which won their first gold medals included Vietnam, Singapore, Puerto Rico, Kosovo, Tajikistan, Jordan, and Fiji.

The Olympics 2016 Facts 10: the football games

The five venues located in Manaus, Brasilia, Salvador, Belo Horizonte and Sao Paulo hosted the football games in the event.

the olympics 2016 picture

the olympics 2016 picture

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