10 Interesting Golf Facts

Wednesday, February 26th 2014. | Sports

Find out more information about one of the rich and valued sports in the world by reading golf facts. Gold is considered as a prestigious sport. Not all of the people in the world do this sport. Most of them who like playing golf are the rich and famous people. However, it does not mean that you are not allowed to play it. Find the history, origin and rules of playing golf in the following post below:

Golf Facts 1: Babe Zaharias

The first female golfer who broke the barrier in sport was Babe Zaharias. This woman has 76 and 81 shoots at the Los Angeles Open in 1945 during the first two rounds.

Golf Facts 2: Doug Ford

People were very impressed with Doug Ford because he can predict the score that he made in 1957 Masters. At that time, he thought that he would have the score of 283 and it was true.

Golf Course

Golf Course

Golf Facts 3: Samuel L. Jackson

Many people love this sport. One of them is the famous actor Samuel L. Jackson. This man is considered as an avid golfer. Whenever he plays movies, he always plays golf twice a week because of his contract clause.

Golf Facts 4: a hole in one

Oakland University’s Kassandra Komma made a research by having two ones from nine holes in the score.  You need to know that score of having a hole in one is very limited because it is one in 64 million odds.

Golf Facts

Golf Facts

Golf Facts 5: PC Sawgrass’ world-renowned island green 17th hole

PC Sawgrass’ world-renowned island green 17th hole is the place where people have a gold tournament. There is no need to wonder if there are 125,000 lost balls hit on the water surrounding the tournament set each year.

Golf Facts 6: Lefty Lucy

Lefty Lucy is famous with this nick name because he was considered as the most notorious left handed golfer all of the time.

Golf Pic

Golf Pic

Golf Facts 7: Phil Mickelson

Mickelson is considered as a great golf player. Even though he was a left-handed man, he can have four time major champions during his career as a golfer.

Golf Facts 8: Mighty Condor

Mighty Condor is a very rare victory to see in a golf tournament. Can you imagine of a golfer can have one on per five? If he did it, it means that he made a condor. During the gold history, it has been only done in four times.

Golf Swing

Golf Swing

Golf Facts 9: president and gold

Golf is one of US president favorite sports. Barack Obama, John F. Kennedy and Dwight Eisenhower loved to play golf.

Golf Facts 10: Celine Dion

One of the golf fans is Celine Dion. This wonderful singer also establishes Quebec’s Le Mirage Golf Club. It is a golf course located in Terrebonne.



Everyone can play golf.  There is no need to think about age. You can do this sport anytime you want. But ensure that you can pay the rent for the golf course. What do you think on facts about golf?

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