10 Interesting Great Britain Facts

Monday, March 3rd 2014. | Countries

Let me take you closer to one of the famous countries in the world by reading Great Britain facts. Great Britain is very famous with their queen, Elizabeth II. People are curious about the relation between Prince William and Kate Middleton. Find out more facts about Great Britain by reading the following explanation:

Great Britain Facts 1: chocolate

The first hot chocolate store was firstly opened in London.  If you think that Japan is the most tea in the world, you are wrong since the credit of the most tea in the world goes to the English people.

Great Britain Facts 2: drunken law

Be careful with the drunken law when you visit Great Britain. You are considered against the law if you get drunk and you posses a cow in Scotland. If you decide to visit pub in England, ensure that you don’t get drunk because it is against the law.

Great Britain Big Ben

Great Britain Big Ben

Great Britain Facts 3: Great Britain name

Do you know the name of Great Britain? It is actually United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The countries included in UK are Wales, England and Scotland.

Great Britain Facts 4: Ben Navis

Ben Navis is considered as the highest point in Great Britain. It has the elevation around 1,343 meters. The Fens is the lowest point in Great Britain. It is around -4 meter.

Great Britain Big Ben

Great Britain Big Ben

Great Britain Facts 5: landscape

If you have gone to Great Britain, you know that the style of the landscape in this country filled with valleys, high ground and edge ridges. You can also see thick glacier here.

Great Britain Facts 6: sports

There are many kinds of sport originally coming from Britain. Some of them are soccer, polo and rugby. This country introduces them to the world.

Great Britain facts

Great Britain facts

Great Britain Facts 7: architecture

Great Britain is famous with it wonderful architecture. You can find the famous bell in the London. It is Big Ben. Actually what makes this building famous is not the clock, but the bell.

Great Britain Facts 8: palace

Since Great Britain is monarchy constitutional, it has many palaces. One of the famous palaces is the Buckingham palace.  It has the police station. The Windsor castle is the largest royal home in Great Britain.

Great Britain Queen

Great Britain Queen

Great Britain Facts 9: world heritage sites

UK is the home to four world heritage sites. Those are Kew Botanical gardens, west minister palace, Maritime Greenwich, and tower of London.

Great Britain Facts 10: artist

There are some famous artists coming from Great Britain. You know that Spice girls, the Beatles, JK Rowling and James Bond come from this country.

Great Britain

Great Britain

You will love to stay in UK since the weather is good. You can visit London and many other cities in the country. Do you have any suggestion on facts about Great Britain?

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