10 Interesting Romania Facts

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Romania Facts tell you about one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Many people do not know much about this amazing country. It seems that British royal family loves Romania. Prince Charles says that Romania is a wonderful country. It has great value, culture and tradition. Here are other facts about Romania for you:

Romania Facts 1: Bigar Cascade Falls

If you want to see the natural beauty of Romania, you have to go to Caras-Severin. It is the home of Bigar Cascade Falls.  It is considered as the most beautiful waterfall in the world by The World Geography.

Romania Facts 2: the unique species of mammals

One of the largest forests in Europe is located in the Carpathian Mountains, Romania. You can find at least 400 species of unique mammals here. This virgin forest is a home to the brown bear population and Carpathian chamois.

Romania Facts

Romania Facts

Romania Facts 3: the navigation route

Romania is the home to the third largest man made navigation route in the world. It is called the Danube to Black Sea canal.  You can find it in southeast Romania.  The first and second longest routes are taken by Suez and Panama Canals. Learn more in Panama Canal facts.

Romania Facts 4: the name

The name Romania was derived Romanus. It was a Latin word. What is the meaning of Romanus? Does it have something to do with Rome? The meaning is citizen of Roman Empire.

Romania Map

Romania Map

Romania Facts 5: Traian Vuia

Traian Vuia is the famous Romanian inventor. He took the credit as the first European who created a flied automobile airplane with fixed wing and self paralleled system. He did it on 18 March 1906.

Romania Facts 6: the discovery

There are three clay tablets discovered in central Romania in Tartaria village.  The people estimate that the tables were created in 5,300 BC. But the tablets create a debate among the archeologists. Some of them believe that they feature the earliest known form of writing system.

Romania Tour

Romania Tour

Romania Facts 7: Pentagon

Pentagon in United States takes the record as the largest building in the world. The second largest one is located in Romanian Palace of Parliament in Bucharest.

Romania Facts 8: Constanta

Have you heard the legend of Jason and the Argonauts? Both had a very long journey to find out the Golden Fleece. They had the journey from Greece to Kolchis, Georgia. Constanta is the present day city in Romania linked with the legend.

Romania Pic

Romania Pic

Romania Facts 9: gold

The country in Europe with most gold resources is Romania. Get facts about Gold Mining here.

Romania Facts 10: the outdoor museum

If you want to know the second largest outdoor museum, you have to go to Astra Museum in Sibiu.

Romania Photo

Romania Photo

Are you impressed with facts about Romania?

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