10 Interesting Haiti Facts

Monday, March 10th 2014. | Countries

Find out the information about one of the countries in the world by reading Haiti facts. When people hear the word Haiti, they always associate this country with the earthquake.  The people of this country have to suffer a lot after the big earthquake.  Here are the facts about Haiti:

Haiti Facts 1: flags

Not all of the countries in the world have a lot of national flags. Since 1804, Haiti had four different national flags.

Haiti Facts 2: Pic la Selle

Pic la Selle forms the highest point in the country. It sits on the elevation around 2,680 meters from the sea level.

Haiti Beach

Haiti Beach

Haiti Facts 3: literacy

Haiti has a low literacy rate. Only few people more than the age of 15 years old can write and read. It seems that the government has to increase the literacy rate by giving the local people good education.

Haiti Facts 4: independence

Even though the economy and education of Haiti is not really good, this country is considered as the first post colonial independent Black Country on earth.

Haiti Country

Haiti Country

Haiti Facts 5: discovery

The land of Haiti was discovered by the famous explorer Columbus in 1492. This man had discovered many other lands in the world.

Haiti Facts 6: language

The people in Haiti use Haitian Creole and French as their official languages. When you like to speak with people here, you can use French. Some people here also speak English as the international language.

Haiti facts

Haiti facts

Haiti Facts 7: vote

Since 1950, the women in Haiti can use their vote in the election. Even though the discrimination is still presented, at least the country has given the women the right to decide the right leader in Haiti.

Haiti Facts 8: US troops

It was around 1915 to 1934 that the Republic of Haiti was occupied by the United States armies.

Haiti Earthquake Pic

Haiti Earthquake Pic

Haiti Facts 9: population

There are many people living in Haiti. That’s why this country is called as the densely populated country in the western hemisphere. Moreover, Haiti is called as the least developed country here.

Haiti Facts 10: barbecue

It was around 500 years ago that barbecue was seen by the European people in Haiti.

Haiti Earthquake

Haiti Earthquake

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