10 Interesting Cayman Islands Facts

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Let me inform you with one of the British Overseas Territories on Cayman Islands Facts. The location of this territory is in the Western of the Caribbean Sea. There are three islands included in the territory. Those are Little Cayman, Cayman Brac and Grand Cayman. Cayman Islands are included as parts of Greater Antilles and Western Caribbean Zone. Check other interesting facts about Cayman Islands below:

Cayman Islands Facts 1: the economy

The economy in Cayman Islands is amazing for there are many individuals living here. There is no need to wonder that the people who live here have the highest standard of living in the Caribbean. They have the average income around KYD$47,000.

Cayman Islands Facts 2: the GDP per capita

Can you guess the GDP per capital of Cayman Islands?  It takes the 14th place of the highest one in the world based on the CIA World Factbook.

Cayman Islands Facts

Cayman Islands Facts

Cayman Islands Facts 3: the currency

The currency of Cayman Islands is KYD or Cayman Islands dollar. The indirect taxation is considered as the main source of income for the government.

Cayman Islands Facts 4: the tourism industry

The tourism industry in Cayman Islands is flourished. The Seven Mile Beach is considered as one of the primary attractions in Grand Cayman. There are various notable resorts and hotels that you can spot in the island. You can walk along the beach and pass the public beach bars, resorts and hotels for they are considered public property. Another attraction in Grand Cayman is Pedro St James Castle located in Savannah.

Cayman Islands

Cayman Islands

Cayman Islands Facts 5: the water sport

There are various activities that you can do by visiting Cayman Islands. You can do snorkeling or even scuba diving. If you are visiting Stingray City, you can swim with stingrays.

Cayman Islands Facts 6: shipwrecks

The view of shipwrecks can be found in Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac. One of the prominent shipwrecks is MV Captain Keith Tibbetts.

Cayman Islands Pic

Cayman Islands Pic

Cayman Islands Facts 7: Kittiwake

Another impressive attraction is Kittiwake. It is forbidden for the people to take anything from the site. But the people can enjoy a wonderful view of marine life in the Kittiwake. You can spot the urchins, sponges, squirrelfish and Goliath groupers. Check the Caribbean facts here.

Cayman Islands Facts 8: Pirates Week

Jim Bodden was the former Minister of Tourism started the Pirates Week in 1977. It is celebrated on 11 day November per year.

Cayman Islands Images

Cayman Islands Images

Cayman Islands Facts 9: other interesting tourist attractions in Grand Cayman

You can also enjoy Cayman Turtle Farm, Ironshore landscape of Hell, Mastic Trail and Boatswain’s Beach. Get facts about Caribbean sea here.

Cayman Islands Facts 10: Observation Tower

If you are in Camana Bay, you can spot Observation Tower. The height of the observation tower is 75 feet.

Cayman Islands Image

Cayman Islands Image

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