10 Interesting Liechtenstein Facts

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Liechtenstein facts give the interesting information about the only nation which is bordered with other landlocked countries in the world. The position of Liechtenstein is very unique. You can find that it is bordered by Austria and Switzerland. Find out the detail information about Liechtenstein in the following post below:

Liechtenstein Facts 1: ceramics

Ceramic is one of the interesting products from Liechtenstein. In 1836, the first factory producing ceramic was opened from the first time in the country.

Liechtenstein Facts 2: German language

It is a surprising fact to know that most people in Liechtenstein speak Germany. You need to know that this country is the only one in the world which did not share any border with Germany. But the people here speak German. Check Germany facts here.

liechtenstein castle

Liechtenstein castle

Liechtenstein Facts 3: factories

In 1861, the first cotton wearing mill and Saving and Loans banks were opened for the first time in the country.

Liechtenstein Facts 4: religion

Let’s talk about the religion of the people in Liechtenstein. 8 percent of the population embraced protestant, while 79 percent of them embraced Roman Catholics.

liechtenstein pic

Liechtenstein pic

Liechtenstein Facts 5: temperature

During the summer season, the temperature in Liechtenstein is around 20 degree C to 28 degree C. In the winter season, it falls around -15 degree Celsius.

Liechtenstein Facts 6: organization

Liechtenstein is one of the members of EU since May 1995. It is also one of the members in European Free Trade Association or EFTA.

liechtenstein Scene

Liechtenstein Scene

Liechtenstein Facts 7: the highest per capita income

There is no need to wonder that Liechtenstein is one of the countries with the highest per capita income. Even though it has a small area, the economy of this country is great.

Liechtenstein Facts 8: the biggest town

The biggest town in Liechtenstein is Schaan. The capital city is Vaduz.

liechtenstein view

Liechtenstein view

Liechtenstein Facts 9: cultivated land

The land located in the upper land of Oberland and lower land of Unterland is used for farm. The land is very rich to cultivate.

Liechtenstein Facts 10: terrain

Let’s talk about the terrain of Liechtenstein. You can find that it is filled with mountainous area.  Therefore, many people like to visit the country due to the great winter sports.



Talking about the government system, Liechtenstein is constitutional monarchy. It has 11 municipalities. Do you have any suggestion on facts about Liechtenstein?

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