10 Interesting Qatar Facts

Wednesday, December 24th 2014. | Countries

Qatar Facts talk about one of the richest countries in the world. You can visit the country and enjoy the delicious local food and shopping center here. Qatar is very famous with the airline, Qatar Airways. It is called as one of the best airlines in the world. Find out more facts about Qatar in the following post below:

Qatar Facts 1: the favorite food

If you are visiting Qatar, don’t forget to enjoy the famous local food. It is the roast camel. The best option to enjoy this roast camel is by having BBQ party with your friends.

Qatar Facts 2: Doha

What is the capital city of Qatar? It is Doha. Since most people in Qatar are Muslims, you have to think again when you want to enjoy bars or strip clubs. You will never find them here. Find out another interesting city in Middle East by checking Dubai facts.

Qatar Facts

Qatar Facts

Qatar Facts 3: life expectancy

The report states that the life expectancy of the Qatari people is very high. In average, they can live up to 97 years old.  Some people guess that it is because of their habit eating roast camel.

Qatar Facts 4: filling up your car

Qatar is also famous as the producer of oil. You should never be surprised when you find out that the cost for filling up your car is cheaper than buying MacDonald. Get facts about petroleum here.

Qatar Image

Qatar Image

Qatar Facts 5: the Qatari men

The Qatari men are very unique. When they sight women, they can rotate the head up to 360 degrees.

Qatar Facts 6: independence

In 1971, Qatar got their independence from Britain. Every year, the Qatari people celebrate the Independence Day on 3rd September.

Qatar Men

Qatar Men

Qatar Facts 7: fashion

Many people think that we must cover all over the body when we are in Qatar. Actually it is not true. You can wear the fashionable clothes in the country. When you are in the pool or resort, you can enjoy bikini time or you can wear shorts. However, you should never get naked in public.

Qatar Facts 8: the characters of Qatari Men

The Qatari men are in favor in the eyes of the women in the gulf.  The women view the Qatari men as romantic, caring, gentle and well dressed men.

Qatar Pic

Qatar Pic

Qatar Facts 9: the working time

The working time in Qatar is very short.  The people begin working on Sunday and they will finish the work on Thursday.

Qatar Facts 10: watching a movie

It is a weird fact about the cinema in Qatar.  The spectators have to pay full price to watch half of the movie.

Facts about Qatar

Facts about Qatar

The road in Qatar is amazing. It comes into perfection since it is renovated 3 until 4 times in a year. Are you impressed with facts about Qatar?

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