10 Interesting Senegal Facts

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If you want to know the country which has the official name of Republic of Senegal, you have to check Senegal Facts. The location of this country is in West Africa. Have you visited Senegal before? The name of this country is taken from the name of Senegal River located at the north and earth borders. Senegal is estimated to be the home of 13 million people. It spans on the area of 76,000 square miles or 197,000 square kilometers. Let’s find out more interesting facts about Senegal below:

Senegal Facts 1: the largest city

Dakar is considered as the largest city in Senegal. It is also considered as the capital city.

Senegal Facts 2: the people in Senegal

There are different kinds of ethnic people who have lived in Senegal. In 7th century, there were some kingdoms in Senegal. Jolof was one of the regional empires which ruled some parts of the country.



Senegal Facts 3: European colonialism

European colonialism was seen as the root of the present day Senegal. During the middle 15th century, the colonialism began in the country. The mainland of Senegal was controlled by the European power by forming the trading post in the coastal areas. In 19th century, it was controlled by French. In 1960, the country got its independence.

Senegal Facts 4: the main economical sector in Senegal

Agriculture is considered as the main economical sector in Senegal.  The local people produce different kinds of crops such as green beans, cotton, sugarcane, peanuts, mangoes, melons, and tomatoes.

Senegal Beach

Senegal Beach

Senegal Facts 5: the major industries

Petroleum refining, fertilizer production, phosphate mining, fish processing, ship construction and repair, and construction material are the common industries in Senegal. Find out facts about Saudi Arabia here.

Senegal Facts 6: the president

Macky Sall is the current president of Senegal. He has been the president since April 2012.

Senegal Pic

Senegal Pic

Senegal Facts 7: the official language

There are many languages spoken by the people in Senegal. Most of them are the native languages. The official language in the country is France.

Senegal Facts 8: the storytelling

The storytelling is one of the important parts of Senegalese culture. The griots maintain the tradition of storytelling in Senegal through music and words. Therefore, the West African history is still alive until today. Get facts about Segovia here.

Senegal Facts

Senegal Facts

Senegal Facts 9: the cuisine in Senegal

Fish is considered as the important dish in the Senegalese cuisine. But the people often use beef, eggs, peas, lamb and chicken. Pork is not used in cooking for most people are Muslim.

Senegal Facts 10: Senegalese musicians

There are some famous musicians who come from Senegal. Those include are Pape Diouf, Akon Thione Seck, Orchestra Baobab  and Ismael Lô.

Facts about Senegal

Facts about Senegal

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