10 Interesting Graphite Facts

Saturday, March 1st 2014. | Science

Graphite facts are interesting to learn about. Not many people know further about graphite. The facts below at least can help you to understand better about the facts of such graphite. So, you can take benefit the most about it indeed.

Graphite Facts 1: about graphite

Graphite is very soft, metallic mineral, black having composed by the carbon element. The fact is that it is nontoxic and can rubs off easily on any rough surfaces. That is the reason why graphite can be mixed with fine clay. Graphite is usually made for pencil leads.

Graphite Facts 2: the word

Next fact is about the word Graphite. It is actually derived from the Greek word such as grephein. The meaning is to draw or to write.

Graphite facts

Graphite facts

Graphite Facts 3: atmospheric conditions

Graphic is stable under any atmospheric conditions. The other element such as diamond cannot deal with it. Yet, you may find out that diamond will transforms into graphite spontaneously within standard pressure and also temperature.

Graphite Facts 4: living things derivation

People need to know that diamonds and graphite contain carbon derived from living things. The carbon which remains within organism will be transformed into coal.

Graphite Image

Graphite Image

Graphite Facts 5: metamorphosis

If graphite was under extreme high pressures, it may turn into diamond actually. Yet, it always requires miles underground.

Graphite Facts 6: matrix of radioactive fuel elements

Graphic indeed is resistant to heat and also may slow neutrons. In fact, it was used in the early years as the radioactive fuel elements matrix. Graphite is also used as lubricant for the locksmiths.

Graphite Minerals

Graphite Minerals

Graphite Facts 7: low hardness

Graphite is also famous because of its low hardness. It may bring the problem such as to streak easily. The basic function of graphite is indeed to become the paper writing utensil.

Graphite Facts 8:  break easily

People also often consider graphite to break easily. It is very weak actually. People suffer from problems in how use the pencil because it often gains excessive pressure which break easily.

Graphite Pic

Graphite Pic

Graphite Facts 9: dry lubricant

Graphite really has good quality of function especially as the dry lubricant. It is used as powdered form and can really reduce the friction between any mechanical components. Graphite is great as well as the electrical conductor.

Graphite Facts 10: other usages

Graphite can be used as insulation barrier for brake shoes, rockets, fire doors, and others.



The facts about Graphite can boost your quality of knowledge. People sometimes underestimate the facts. Yet, you really need to know the importance in gaining facts about Graphite. The purpose is to broaden your knowledge indeed.

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