10 Interesting Cells Facts

Thursday, November 28th 2013. | Science

Cells facts actually may become so much fun to learn indeed. What I want to review here actually is about the how people can understand better about cells which may help them to notice about any interesting facts about cells. So, what are those facts actually?

Cells Facts 1: magnification

Any people should notice that any cells can become so much troublesome to see. People need to use magnification if they want to see the cells. The fact is that the size of cells varies from 1 to 100 micrometers.

Cells Facts 2: the types

You may notice that cells have two major types. First are the Eukaryotic cells which have the true nucleus. Second type of cells is the prokaryotic cells. This type of cells may include bacteria as well as Achaeans.



Cells Facts 3: Prokaryotic single-celled organism

You should know the fact that prokaryotic single-celled organism may become the first and the most primitive forms living on the earth. There are still few people who understand about this information actually. So, it will be useful for you to know right?

Cells Facts 4: bacteria cells

Next information that you should know is about the fact that there are more amounts of bacterial cells in human body instead of human cells. Even scientists have approved this kind of information indeed. Mostly of those cells are located in digestive tract.

cell cartoon

cell cartoon

Cells Facts 5: genitive material

Next fact that you should know about cells is that you may notice that cells indeed contain genetic material or people also commonly call it as DNA. What you should know is that such DNA is important in order to direct cellular activities.

Cells Facts 6: organelles

Next, you may find out that cells may also contain certain structures such as organelles. The fact is that such organelles may contain different specific function. You need also recognize about the facts that on each different type of cells, there are different organelles as well.

Cells facts

Cells facts

Cells Facts 7: reproduction

The fact is that any cells indeed may conduct reproduction. In fact, you may notice that different cells can be produced through different methods as well. There are some types of reproduction that you may notice such as binary fission, mitosis, and also meiosis.

Cells Facts 8:  tissues

Next important fact that you need to know is about the way any similar cells within a group may form tissues. Those tissues can form an organ which later can be combined to form an organ system.

Epithelial cells

Epithelial cells

Cells Facts 9: life span

It is no doubt that any of you may wonder whether the cells have life span or not. The fact is that those cells have varying life span. There are cells having life span of weekly even years.

Cells Facts 10: suicide

You need to recognize as well that cells indeed may conduct suicide. It means any cells can gain damage even infection. Some may conduct self destruct called as apoptosis.

onion epidermal cells

onion epidermal cells

For any people who learn biology, such facts about Cells may become so much important to pay attention.

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