10 Interesting Iridium Facts

Saturday, April 12th 2014. | Science

Find out another element in the periodic table by reading Iridium facts. Iridium is one of the elements in the transition metal.  If you look at the periodic table, you can see iridium is placed on Groups 3-12. Let’s find out more about iridium by reading the following facts below:

Iridium Facts 1: Transition Metals

As I have stated before, iridium is located in the transition metal. It means that this element has the characteristics just like other elements in the group. This metal is malleable and ductile. However, this material can be used to conduct heat and electricity.

Iridium Facts 2: iridium in earth’s atmosphere

Our planet contains a lot of iridium. You can find out iridium in the core of earth. People can also get the element by finding iridium from the gravel deposits of platinum.

Iridium 77

Iridium 77

Iridium Facts 3: Smithson Tennant

Smithson Tennant is the one who discovered iridium. He did it in London, England in 1803.

Iridium Facts 4: name

The name iridium was derived from the Latin word.  It is called iridium since the salt of this element comes in colors.  The word iridium means iris rainbow.

Iridium Element

Iridium Element

Iridium Facts 5: properties

The boiling point of this element is 4130°C. It has the melting point around 2410°C.

Iridium Facts 6: color

Iridium has the white color just like platinum. There is no need to wonder if iridium is always associated with platinum because iridium is included in the platinum family. It has a yellowish look.

Iridium facts

Iridium facts

Iridium Facts 7: feature

Many scientists consider that iridium is the most corrosion resistant metal ever known on earth. It is brittle and hard.

Iridium Facts 8: molten salts

The elements which can attack iridium are the molten salts such as NaCn and NaCl. Iridium cannot be attacked by aqua regia or acids.

Iridium Metal

Iridium Metal

Iridium Facts 9: uses

Iridium has many uses.  The people can combine iridium and osmium to produce high quality alloy.  It can be used for the tipping pens and compasses bearing.

Iridium Facts 10: hardening platinum

Another usage of iridium is to harden the platinum.  It can be seen in the jewelry and electrical contact industry too.



Other uses of iridium are to make crubicles, spark plugs, denso iridium, Goggles, and many more. Are you interested with facts about iridium?

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