10 Interesting Inhalant Facts

Wednesday, April 9th 2014. | Science

Inhalant facts provide the information about the breathable chemical vapors that people can buy on the drug stores or supermarket. The inhalants can be used to give the mild altering effect to the users.  However, kids and teens tend to abuse inhalants because this tool is very cheap and is acceptable in any kinds of stores. Find out more facts about inhalant below:

Inhalant Facts 1: what is an inhalant?

If you are not familiar with the inhalant, let me define the word for you.  Inhalant is the common product in people’s household. The inhalant can be filled with aerosol or even volatile solvents. That’s why people can use it as a breathable chemical vapor.

Inhalant Facts 2: other name

There are several names that people use to call inhalants. Some people call it snapper, poppers and whippets.

Inhalant Aerosol

Inhalant Aerosol

Inhalant Facts 3: kinds of inhalants

There are four kinds of inhalants that you can learn. Those are aerosol, nutritious, volatile solvents and gases inhalants.

Inhalant Facts 4: Aerosols

The aerosol inhalants are the products that you have for daily life. This product can come in the form of the fabric protector spray, deodorant spray, spray paint, vegetable oil spray and computer cleaning spray.

Inhalant facts

Inhalant facts

Inhalant Facts 5: Volatile solvents

Volatile solvents inhalants contain the solvent which can be used for the office, household, art or even industrial supply.  You can find that the electronic inhalant cleaner, tip marketer fluid and correction fluid are the examples of volatile solvents.

Inhalant Facts 6: Gases inhalant

There are some commercial and household products created from the gasses inhalants.   It comes in the form of gas. It can be used for various purposes based on the type of gases used inside the inhalants. You can make people laugh by having nitrous oxide or laughing gas.

Inhalant Products

Inhalant Products

Inhalant Facts 7: Organic nitrites

Popper is another name for organic nitrites. The ingredients used inside the inhalants include amyl nitrites, butyl, and cyclohexyl.  You can find these nitrites inside the room odorant, liquid aroma and leather cleaner.

Inhalant Facts 8: inhalant abuse

Sometimes inhalants are abused by teenagers. They do it to replace the alcohol. They can be addicted to the inhalants and become the chronic abusers.



Inhalant Facts 9: effect of inhalants

Inhalants abuse gives bad impact to the health of human being. You can experience unconsciousness, loss of sensation and anesthesia.

Inhalant Facts 10: the short term hazard

The short term hazards of using inhalants include suffocation, intoxication, heath failure and loss of consciousness.



The long term hazards of using the inhalants include vision damage, high rich of death, low immune system and hearing loss. Do you have any opinion on facts about inhalants?

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