10 Interesting Siberian Tiger Facts

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Let me show you the Amur Tiger in Siberian Tiger Facts. It has the scientific name of Panthera Tigris altaica.  You can find the animals living in the Russian Far East of southwest Primorye Province and Sikhote Alin mountain region. The former one is inhabited with a small population of Siberian tigers.  Here are other interesting facts about Siberian Tiger for you:

Siberian Tiger Facts 1: the population

The population of the Siberian tiger in Primorye Province based on the report in 2005 was around 331 to 393 adults and subadults. There were around 250 individuals of breeding adults.

Siberian Tiger Facts 2: the conservation efforts

The people decide to conserve the population of the Siberian tigers in the province. Therefore, the population in that area is relatively stable today.

Facts about Siberian Tiger

Facts about Siberian Tiger

Siberian Tiger Facts 3: the increased number of the population

The report about the population of the Siberian tiger is positive in 2015 for it is enhanced to 480 till 540 Amur tigers in Russia.

Siberian Tiger Facts 4: the weight of Siberian tiger

Bengal tigers and Siberian tigers are included as the biggest living cats in the world. However, Bengal tigers have lighter weight if you compare them with the Siberian tigers. Get facts about Bengal Tigers here.

Siberian Tiger Facts

Siberian Tiger Facts

Siberian Tiger Facts 5: the color of Siberian tigers

Have you ever seen the color of the Siberian tiger? It has the narrow black stripes with rusty yellow or reddish rusty color.

Siberian Tiger Facts 6: the length of the body

If you check the body length, it is not more than 60 inches or 150 cm. The tail is a bit longer. If you compare it with Bengal tiger, it is 2 till 4 inches taller.

Siberian Tiger Image

Siberian Tiger Image

Siberian Tiger Facts 7: the weight

On average, the male Siberian tigers have the weight around 397 to 675 lb or 180 to 306 kg. The female Siberian tigers have the weight around 220 to 368 lbs.

Siberian Tiger Facts 8: China

Amur tiger can be found in China too. The country is only inhabited by 18 to 22 Amur tigers.

Siberian Tiger Picture

Siberian Tiger Picture

Siberian Tiger Facts 9: the prey species

There are several prey species eaten by Siberian tigers. Those include moose, goral, Asian black bear, sika deer, Manchurian wapiti, goral, musk deer, Ussuri brown bear, rabbits, hares, salmon, pikas, red deer, wild pig, Siberian roe deer and many more.

Siberian Tiger Facts 10: the conservation

To protect the Siberian tigers, there was an agreement between Russia and China made in August 2010. Find out facts about Russia here.

Siberian Tiger Pictures

Siberian Tiger Pictures

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