10 Interesting Bengal Tiger Facts

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One of the most prominent tiger type is explained in Bengal tiger facts. Bengal tiger is found with its wonderful strength and power.  The big body of this species is considered as the largest member in the cat family. If you want to see Bengal tiger, you just have to go to India. Find the complete facts about Bengal tiger here:

Bengal Tiger Facts 1: Reduced Population of Tiger

The population of tiger has been decreased from time to time. There were three subspecies of tiger extinct in the 20th century. The main reason of the extinction is because of the forest destruction and hunting.

Bengal Tiger Facts 2: Hunting By Human Being

Human likes to hunt tiger because they have been used for traditional Chinese medicine. The body parts can be used for good display.  The skin of tiger is perfect for fashion. However, tigers are protected by countries. See another hunted animal in cheetah facts.

Bengal Tiger Facts

Bengal Tiger Facts

Bengal Tiger Facts 3: Habitat

Bengal tigers can be found living in India. Sometimes they are called as Indian tiger. This tiger is always associated with Indian lore and tradition.

Bengal Tiger Facts 4: Territories

To keep the rival away, Bengal tigers mark the territories. They live alone in the forest or jungle.

Bengal Tiger in India

Bengal Tiger in India

Bengal Tiger Facts 5: Nocturnal Animal

Bengal tigers are included as a nocturnal animal. It means they are active when the night comes. During the day, they will sleep and rest. Bengal tigers are a powerful hunter. They will hunt for the prey and will not wait to catch it.

Bengal Tiger Facts 6: Diet

There are several preys that hunted by Bengal tigers. Some of them are large mammal, Wild pigs, rodents and buffalo.  A hungry tiger can eat 27 kilogram or 60 pounds of meat each day. Find another animal with similar diet in coyote facts.

Bengal Tiger in Water

Bengal Tiger in Water

Bengal Tiger Facts 7: Stripes

Bengal tiger is always associated with beautiful stripes. The coat of this tiger brings a great camouflage. There is no similar stripe of coat in tiger. Even though it looks similar, it is different.

Bengal Tiger Facts 8: Female Bengal Tiger

The female Bengal tiger can deliver 2 till 6 cubs in a litter. When the cub is in the age for 18 months it can hunt food themselves. It will remain with the mother for 3 years.  The cub rearing is done by the mother without any help from the male Bengal tiger.

Bengal Tiger

Bengal Tiger

Bengal Tiger Facts 9: Color of Coat

Their color for coat of Bengal tiger is in reddish orange. The striped color comes in narrow shape with brown, gray or black color. The stripes come in vertical direction. The underside area has the color of white or creamy. The rare variant of Bengal tiger has a darker stripe with a chalky white coat and icy blue eyes.

Bengal Tiger Facts 10: Size

The female Bengal tiger can reach the weight of 300 lbs. or 135 kg, while the male has the weight 500 lbs. or 225 kg. In the wild, they can live for about 15 years.

Bengal Tigers

Bengal Tigers

If they live in captivity, they can last for 16 to 18 years. Are you interested to find more on facts about Bengal tigers?

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