10 Interesting Hamster Facts

Thursday, June 13th 2013. | Animals

You can inform your kids about hamster facts. Hamster is one of the nice animals that people love to have as a pet. The cute animal is tiny and funny. You can give a hamster for the birthday gift for your kids. They will love to have it as a nice pet at home. But ensure that they will look after the hamster well. Before you give them a nice hamster, tell them about the hamster facts below:

Hamster Facts 1: Meaning of Hamster Word

Hamster was derived from the German word called hamstern. In English, it means to hoard.

Hamster Facts 2: Physical Appearance

When you scrutinize the little animal, you need to note on their toes. The rear toes are five, while the front toes are four. If you want a funny pet, read the info on kitten facts.

Brown Hamster

Brown Hamster

Hamster Facts 3: Nature of Hamster

Hamster is a color blind animal. It cannot differentiate blue, red and other colors in the world.

Hamster Facts 4: Life Span

It will be hurtful when you have to lose a pet. Hamster only has the life span around 18 to 24 months. So you need to inform your kids when they want to have it as a pet. It could be dead when it reaches 3 years old. If you want to know the ancient animal, read dinosaur facts.

Hamster Facts

Hamster Facts

Hamster Facts 5: Hamster Shows

The show for animals if it not only for dog.  A hamster show is counted in several places. The achievement can be gained if the hamster can get the perfect score assessed from the type, color, condition, size, type and coat.

Hamster Facts 6: Cheek Pouches

If you want your hamster to have fun, you need to present cheek pouches. This is the best hoarding sport for a hamster. When there is a danger; the mama hamster will hide it on the pouch.

Hamster in Cage

Hamster in Cage

Hamster Facts 7: Exercise

It seems that your kids should learn more from the hamster when it comes about working out. This animal loves to exercise each day. You need to set a wheel in the cage so that he can run it each day. Even a pregnant hamster wants to run to make it fit.

Hamster Facts 8: Secured Hamster

If you want to know whether a hamster is feeling secured or not, you need to note on the yanking, grooming and stretching.

hamster with bowl

hamster with bowl

Hamster Facts 9: Good Role Model

If you want to give your kids animal with a good role model, hamster is clearly the best animal to do it. This animal likes to do healthy lifestyle for it loves to eat vegetable like carrot, spinach, and cauliflower.

Hamster Facts 10: Nocturnal Animal

Hamster is a nocturnal animal. It means that it likes to sleep during the day and have several activities when the night comes. Scratching, digging and squeezing will be done when the night comes.



When you recognize all things to know about hamster, you can answer all questions from your kids about this cute animal. You can go to the pet shop and buy a hamster for a gift. Do you want to give more information on facts about hamster?

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