10 Interesting African Elephants Facts

Monday, November 4th 2013. | Animals

African elephants facts present the fascinating information about the special elephants that you can see in African continent. If you want to see the African elephant, it will be nice to have an expedition in Tanzania. You have a nice safari with family to see the wonderful African elephants. Here are some interesting African facts:

African Elephants Facts 1: weight

In the world of elephant, the bigger ones are better then the smaller ones.  They will look stronger in front of other elephants. The male African elephants will never stop growing bigger.  In average, they can reach the weight around 7.5 tons.

African Elephants Facts 2: hair

Compared to the exotic wooly mammoth, the African elephants have little hair. They are located on the tufts.

African Elephant

African Elephant

African Elephants Facts 3: a spongy pad

There is a spongy pad located on the African elephant’s foot.  The foot consists of five toes and toenails.  What is function of the pad? It is beneficial for absorbing the impact when the African elephants walk.

African Elephants Facts 4: head

The head of African elephant is heavy and big. It is around hundred pounds. To make it light, the neck had additional muscle. The head is created with many small air pockets just like bird bones.

African Elephant Group

African Elephant Group

African Elephants Facts 5: trunk

When talking about elephant, a trunk should never be left behind. The muscles located on the trunk are around 40,000 to 150,000.

African Elephants Facts 6: teeth

There are four molars that an African elephant has.  The weight of each molar is around 11 pounds. The length is around 12 inches.  If the molar breaks down, it will be replaced with the backward molar. You have to know that an African elephant will replace their teeth around six times.

African Elephants

African Elephants

African Elephants Facts 7: function of trunk

The trunk of an African elephant is very powerful. It can be used to pull out the bark of a tree, pick objects or even kill a lion. However, the elephant will not use their trunk when drinking water. It is only used to draw the water.

African Elephants Facts 8: social family

The social family of an African elephant is matriarch. It means that the leader of the group is the oldest female. The family consists of the male elephant younger than 14 years old and female elephants.

African Elephants Facts

African Elephants Facts

African Elephants Facts 9: calf

The first calf of a female elephant will be delivered when she reaches 10 to 20 years old. She will deliver another calf in the new 4 or 6 six years.

African Elephants Facts10: communication

Do you know the way African elephants communicate? They will use a smell, touch and taste.



An African elephant can hear the infrasonic sound in 15 hertz. The human hearing ability is around 20 hertz. It makes the elephants capable for travelling in a very long distance without any disturbance on the low frequency of hearing. Are you fascinated with facts about African elephants?

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