10 Interesting Giant Panda Facts

Sunday, September 29th 2013. | Animals

Giant Panda Facts carry the information about one for the endangered animals in the world. Panda is always associated with cute animal.  It has image for black and white colored fur. In the real world, panda come in a giant size which can make you sacred. But the cute less for these animals is unbeatable so that many dolls are made inspired from the look of panda. Here the interring facts about giant panda.

Giant Panda Facts 1: The First Panda

The first panda which come to United States living in a zoo located in Chicago. The panda cub comes to US in 1936. The Unites States people have to wait at least 50 years to have pandas.

Giant Panda Facts 2: A Panda Cub

Do you know the size of a panda cub? It is small. Compared to the size for the mother, it is only 1/900th. The length of this cub is similar with a length of stick butter.

Giant Panda Eats

Giant Panda Eats

Giant Panda Facts 3: Sloth Bear

Another species of giant panda is a sloth bear. Since giant panda is included in the bear family, it has a close relation with sloth bear. Among the members in the family, the only one which has long tails compared to giant panda is sloth bears. Read more panda facts here.

Giant Panda Facts 4: Paws

The paws of giant panda are in six digits. The paws are very important when they want to hold the bamboo when they want to eat it. The six paws consist of an opposable pseudo thumb and five fingers.

Giant Panda Facts

Giant Panda Facts

Giant Panda Facts 5: Memory

The memory of giant panda does come in visual memory, but spatial memory.

Giant Panda Facts 6: Genome

Based on the information presented in the journal called Nature, The genome of a giant panda was sequenced in 2009. Look at bear facts here.

Giant Panda in Winter.

Giant Panda in Winter.

Giant Panda Facts 7: Ovulation

The female giant panda can only ovulate once in a year.  The fertile time is about 2-3 days. That’s why the population of giant panda is dropped from time to time.

Giant Panda Facts 8: Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine is very famous among the world because it has been used to cure diseases from generation to generation. There is no part of giant panda used by the Chinese people in their traditional medicine.

Giant Panda

Giant Panda

Giant Panda Facts 9: WWF logo

Chi-Chi is the name of a giant panda brought to London Zoo in 1961. It inspired the WWF to use Chic Chi as the logo of the organization.

Giant Panda Facts 10: Sir Peter Scott

Sir Peter Scott is one for the founders of WWF. This man is the one responsible to make a sketch for WWF logo. Giant panda is taken as the main logo because if it is beautiful, loved and endangered.

Giant Pandas

Giant Pandas

Most giant pandas only eat bamboos and shoots. They like eating more than 60 species of bamboos.   Bamboos have much nutritional value. But the energy is low. Thus, giant pandas like living a sedentary life. In a day they have to eat 30 pounds of bamboo. Do you have any comment on facts about giant panda?

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