10 Interesting Shark Facts

Thursday, September 12th 2013. | Animals

If you want to know more about shark, look at shark facts. The animals have a wide array of species and sizes. You can see them having the length around 10 inches up to 50 inches. Even though the animals are power and kill people, they offer you with a fascinating biology. Here are some interesting facts to know about sharks:

Shark Facts 1: Cartilaginous Fish

Sharks are included as cartilaginous fish. The structure of shark is not formed by the bone, but cartilage. Even shark does not have any bones; it does any means that they are excluded from the vertebrate animals. They are included in Subphylum Vertebrata.

Shark Facts 2: Species

There are more than 400 species of sharks in the world.  The animals have different colors, shapes and sizes.  Whale shark of Rhincodon typus is believed to be the largest fish and shark in the world. Many people estimate that it can reach the length around 59 feet.

Shark facts

Shark facts

Shark Facts 3: Dwarf Lantern Shark

Dwarf lantern shark with the Latin name for Etmopterus perryi. It is the smallest shark in the world. It has the length around 6 to 8 inches.

Shark Facts 4: Teeth

Each jaw of shark comes in 5 till 15 rows. The teeth can only last for about seven days because they do not have any root. However the lost teeth will be replaced with a new row of teeth. Look at Beluga whale facts to know another underwater animal.

Shark Feed

Shark Feed

Shark Facts 5: Skin

The dermal dentils are used to cover the rough skin of shark. The skin is tough because it contains enamel that you can find on the surface of our teeth. Look at great white shark facts to know powerful shark.

Shark Facts 6: A Lateral Line System

Sharks can detect the movement in the water because the body is equipped with a lateral line system. This system is very important for sharks because they can move and navigate easily in the water. Catching the preys is also easier to do.

shark release

shark release

Shark Facts 7: Sleeping Time

The sleeping habit of a shark is totally different than the way we do. To receive the needed oxygen while they are sleeping, the gill should be keep moving. They remain swimming even though they sleep with less active brain.

Shark Facts 8: Reproduction

Some sharks are included in oviparous animals. They will lay eggs. Other sharks are included as viviparous animal. They will give birth to baby sharks under water.

Shark Underwater

Shark Underwater

Shark Facts 9: Long-Lived Species

Sharks are considered as the long lived species. Many scientists estimate that whale sharks can live around 100 to 150 years. The small sized sharks can only have the life span around 20 to 30 years old.

Shark Facts 10: Not a Vicious Man Eater

Many people think that sharks are included as a vicious man eater. This misconception occurs because of the depiction of some movies with sharks eating people while on the beach.



Human is considered as a bad threat to the shark population. Each year, millions of sharks die because of fishing and hunting. It will be great if we can preserve sharks well. Do you have any more facts about shark?

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