10 Interesting Mockingbird Facts

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Mockingbird Facts explain the detail facts about the birds which can imitate sounds. The people who have not seen the bird must be impressed.  It can imitate the sound of a barking dog, sirens and squeaky gate hinges. If you want to know more facts about mockingbirds, read the post here:

Mockingbird Facts 1: range

The range of mockingbirds has been expanding since the beginning of 1900s. They move on the west and east coasts of United States. You can also find mockingbirds in the southern part of Canada.

Mockingbird Facts 2: why moving northward?

Mockingbirds decide to move northward because of the abundant trees and shrubs on the area. It also has a great deal of suburban field and farmland which give the birds more food.

Mockingbird Beauty

Mockingbird Beauty

Mockingbird Facts 3: mockingbird sound

The unique feature that a mockingbird has is on the sound. It can imitate many sounds such as the barking dogs and sirens. Many people cannot distinguish the sound of mockingbirds and the real sound. This bird is very entertaining. Therefore, you can find the animals sold in various pet stores. They are named as mimic songbirds.

Mockingbird Facts 4: different songs

There are more than 200 different songs that a northern mockingbird can imitate. The surprising fact is that mockingbird can sing more than 1,000 songs per hour during the long nocturnal serenades.

Mockingbird Body

Mockingbird Body

Mockingbird Facts 5: aggressive

The mockingbirds will do anything to defend the nest. They are very aggressive when being attacked by the predators.

Mockingbird Facts 6: individual people

Do you know that northern mockingbirds can identify individuals who often come to the nest? They will harass the people who approach the nest. But if you just pass their nest, they will ignore you.

Mockingbird Facts

Mockingbird Facts

Mockingbird Facts 7: mating

In each year, there are two or three broods of young of mockingbirds.

Mockingbird Facts 8: diet

Mockingbirds like to eat insects, spiders, and fruits.  They will gather for rose hips, elderberries, apples, grapes, barberries and hawthorn. Some insects that mockingbirds like are beetles, butterflies, bees, ants, grasshopper and wasps.

Mockingbird Flies

Mockingbird Flies

Mockingbird Facts 9: the official state bird

There are some states in USA which use mockingbird as the official state bird. They are Tennessee, Mississippi, Florida, Arkansas and Texas.

Mockingbird Facts 10: feeding station

When the winter comes, mockingbirds will visit the feeding stations. They will eat suet, mealworms and fruit. Check another bird in hummingbird facts.



If the foods are very scarce, they often bully other mockingbirds away to get the food. Do you want to share ideas on facts about mockingbird?

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