10 Interesting Tasmanian Devil Facts

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Tasmanian devil facts present the information about the only animal that you can see in the wild area of Tasmania. The animal likes to eat and carcasses. They are passing around the national park in the world and Tasmanian wilderness area.  Here are the complete facts about Tasmanian devil:

Tasmanian devil Facts 1: Place of Living

Now most Tasmanian devils live in Tasmania. But hundred years ago based on the fossil, they mainly live in the Australian mainland. But 400 years ago, they were extinct.

Tasmanian devil Facts 2: Color

Most Tasmanian devils come in black color. The marking comes in white color. It can be seen in the chest or rump. The female Tasmanian devils are smaller compared to the male devils. Most of them have the weight around 12 kilogram with the height around 12 inches or 30 cm. Find a unique colored animal in bearded dragon facts.

Tasmanian devil Eats

Tasmanian devil Eats

Tasmanian devil Facts 3: Devil’s Head

The size of the head is not proportional. If you look at Tasmanian devil closely, you can see that his head is too big for his small body.

Tasmanian devil Facts 4: Tail

Many animals use their feet for balance. It seems that Tasmanian devil is unique because the tail is used as a place to store fat. When the food is rare, they can get the extra energy by using the fat stored on the tail.  The devil is in great condition if it has a big and bulky tail. Find animal facts here.

Tasmanian devil Facts

Tasmanian devil Facts

Tasmanian devil Facts 5: Marsupial

Tasmanian devil is a kind of marsupial. When female devils have a baby, they will carry it on their pouches. The newly born baby will be protected if the mother places inside the pouch.

Tasmanian devil Facts 6: Non-Dangerous Animals

Despite the scary name of Tasmanian devil, the animals are not dangerous. They do not attack human. If you trap or hunt them, they will defend themselves.

Tasmanian devil on Land

Tasmanian devil on Land

Tasmanian devil Facts 7: Escaping

Tasmanian devil will choose to escape rather than fighting. You need to be careful with these animals if you make them angry. Their jaws are powerful. If they bite you, it can present a serious injury on your skin.

Tasmanian devil Facts 8: Latin Scientific Name

Do you know the Latin scientific name of Tasmanian devil? It is Sarcophilus harrisii.  The name is derived from the scientist named Harris. The Latin name means Harris’s meat lover.

Tasmanian devil

Tasmanian devil

Tasmanian devil Facts 9: Devil Facial Tumour Disease

Devil Facial Tumour Disease is a disease that makes Tasmanian devil dying. Scientists work hard to find the cure so that the population of Tasmanian devil can be saved.

Tasmanian devil Facts 10: Benefit

Tasmanian devils are very useful of the life for human being. They like eating the dead animal. It means that the animals can clean the world from any garbage from animal.

Tasmanian devil's Jaws

Tasmanian devil’s Jaws

Devil is included as scavengers and carnivores. They like eating insects, lizard and frogs. The big devils will need to eat at least 1 kilogram of meat every day. Do you have any other info on facts about Tasmanian devil?

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