10 Interesting Seychelles Facts

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If you are interested to know an archipelago located in the Indian Ocean, you can check Seychelles Facts. The official name of this country is Republic of Seychelles. Victoria is considered as the capital of Seychelles. Do you know that this archipelago contains at least 115 islands? The location of Victoria is around 932 miles east of Southeast African mainland. Get more interesting facts about Seychelles below:

Seychelles Facts 1: the population

Can you guess the population of Seychelles? It is inhabited by around 90,024 people. Compared to other African states in the country, it has the smallest population.

Seychelles Facts 2: the nearby countries

Seychelles is located near other territories and countries such as Mauritius, Reunion, Madagascar, Mayotte and Comoros.

Seychelles Beauty

Seychelles Beauty

Seychelles Facts 3: the society

In the household, the dominant person is the mother. Therefore, it is stated that Seychelles’s people adopt the matriarchal society. The main job of the mother is to look after the kids’ interest, control the household and daily expense.

Seychelles Facts 4: the staple food

Shellfish, seafood, and fish are included as the staple foods in Seychelles. The local people will eat those dishes with rice.

Facts about Seychelles

Facts about Seychelles

Seychelles Facts 5: the fish dishes

The fish dishes are considered as the most popular food in Seychelles. The people cook the fish in various ways. They can wrap it in banana leaves, grill, steam, smoke, salt or bake the fish.

Seychelles Facts 6: other foods

Other foods that the local people in Seychelles like to eat include chicken curry, coconut milk, kordonnyen fish, breadfruit, mangoes, saffron rice and dhal/ lentil.

Seychelles Pic

Seychelles Pic

Seychelles Facts 7: the musical style

If you check the musical style in Seychelles, you will know that it is a combination of various musical styles. The music is highly influenced by the French folk and pop, African rhythms, sega from Mauritius, Arcadian music, Indian style and many more. Find out Seville facts here.

Seychelles Facts 8: Moutya

Moutya is considered as a native folk rhythm. The local people perform it in various beach bazaars. It is also accompanied with dancing.

Seychelles Facts

Seychelles Facts

Seychelles Facts 9: the climate

Let’s find out the climate of Seychelles. The islands of this country are quite smalls.   Most of them have quite humid climate. It is not easy to find out the exact temperature in Seychelles for it can vary between months. It may have the precipitation level at 114 inches or 2,900 mm. It is higher in the mountain slopes with the precipitation level at 142 inches or 3,600 mm. Get facts about Serbia here.

Seychelles Facts 10: the extinction

There are several species extinct from Seychelles such saltwater crocodile, Seychelles parakeet, and chestnut flanked white eye.



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