10 Interesting Samoa Facts

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Samoa Facts tell you about the independent state of Samoa. In the past, people called it Western Samoa.  The western part of the Samoan Islands is included in this state. The location of the islands is in the South Pacific Ocean. In 1962, Samoa was independent from New Zealand.  There are two major islands in Samoa. Both are Upolu and Savai’i. The island of Upolu is the home of the Faleolo International Airport and Apia, the capital city. Here are other facts about Samoa for you:

Samoa Facts 1: Navigator Islands

Before 20th century, the European explorers called the entire island as Navigator Islands.  It was due to the fact that the seafaring skills of the Samoans were great.

Samoa Facts 2: the total area

The total land area of Samoa is 1,097 square miles or 2,842 km square. 99 percent of the total land area is occupied by the major islands of Upolu and Savai’i.  It also has 8 small islets.

Facts about Samoa

Facts about Samoa

Samoa Facts 3: the language

The Samoan language or Gagana Fa’asamoa is the spoken language of the Samoans. The people who live in American Samoa also use this language to communicate.

Samoa Facts 4: the capital city

The capital city is Apia. It is located in Upolu. The people who live in the island are around three-quarter of the whole people in Samoa.



Samoa Facts 5: Mt Silisili

Mt Silisili is called as the highest point in Samoa. It has the height at 6,096 feet or 1858 meter.

Samoa Facts 6: the climate

The annual temperature of Samoa is 79.7 degree F or 26.5 degree Celsius.  The climate is the equatorial or monsoonal. In November to April, the people experience the rainy season.

Samoa Travel

Samoa Travel

Samoa Facts 7: Savai’i

The largest island in Samoa is Savai’i. It is occupied in 42,000 people.  It also takes the record as the sixth largest Polynesian island. Get facts about Rwanda here.

Samoa Facts 8: the economy of Samoa

The Samoans still depend on their economy on fishing and agriculture.  However, the economy of the nation is dependent on the agricultural exports, private family remittances and development aid. The exports of Samoa include copra, noni, coconut oil, and coconut cream.

Samoa Facts

Samoa Facts

Samoa Facts 9: tourism

The tourism is increased in Samoa. It contributes 25 percent of the total GDP in Samoa. In 1996, the country was visited by 70,000 people. In 2005, the number of the visitors increased because more than 100,000 people visited Samoa.  Find out another country in Russia facts.

Samoa Facts 10: the ethnic people

Samoa is inhabited by 92.6 percent Samoans, 7 percent Euronesians and 0.4 percent Europeans.

Samoa Tour

Samoa Tou

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