10 Interesting Chile Facts

Friday, November 29th 2013. | Countries

Chile facts indeed may always become the best information for any people out there indeed. What I really want to discuss here is about in how people can obtain interesting facts related to Chile indeed. In this case, just conduct review from the information below.

Chile Facts 1: coastline

It has become basic knowledge that any people may always recognize that Chile has gained more and more popularity to become tourism object. One of the reasons is because Chile offers great quality coastline which is 4,435 km and the width of 175km.

Chile Facts 2: seasons

You may recognize as well that Chile has approximately 4 seasons including spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Such country also has at least 7 major climatic subtypes. In fact, there are 500 active volcanoes there.

chile animals

chile animals

Chile Facts 3: capital

In understanding about Chile, you should know the capital of such country such as Santiago de Chile having the currency such as Chilean Peso. It gained the independence in 1913 actually from the rule of Spanish colonial.

Chile Facts 4: official language

For any people who want to learn about Chile, they should know the official language of such country. The official language is Spanish. There are also some dialects as well. It is because such country was under the rule of Spanish so the official language used is Spanish as well.

Chile facts

Chile facts

Chile Facts 5: religion

There’s no state religion in Chile. In 2015, the majority religion in Chile is Christianity (68%). With around 55% belong to catholic chuch. There’s also a number of Agnostic and Atheist in Chile with around 25% in percentage.

Chile Facts 6: Lake Chungara

If you visit Chile, you may find out about certain lake such as Lake Chungara which is the highest lake above the sea level. It is the highest in the world actually. Mostly visitors or tourists indeed are interested in visiting such lake to become their vacation destination.

Chile Scene

Chile Scene

Chile Facts 7: Atacama Desert

What makes such desert so much special is because it is the longest of dry spells in which it hasn’t gained for rain for almost 40 years. Any people have already recognized about this indeed. So, what do you think about such desert actually.

Chile Facts 8:  Chincorro

If you hear about certain name such as Chincorro, what may come to your mind in the first time actually? The fact is that Chincorro is the oldest mummies in the world.

Chile Scene

Chile Scene

Chile Facts 9: valparaiso

You may notice that certain city such as Valparaiso there in Chile. It is the “garden city” which has become the richest one among other cities.

Chile Facts 10: export products

The fact is that Chile may conduct export such as copper, wine, chemicals, pulp, fruits, fish, and many others that you can review out there.



Whatever the reason is for any of you to visit Chile, you may gain great help if you understand the facts about Chile to enrich your information about such country.

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