10 Interesting Lithuania Facts

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Read the explanation about the country located in the southernmost of the three Baltic States in Lithuania facts. Lithuania is considered as the most populous state in the Baltic area. On 11 March 1990, Lithuania declared its independence from the Soviet Union. Here are facts about Lithuania for you:

Lithuania Facts 1: landscape

Let’s talk about the landscape of Lithuania.  In the western upland and eastern highland, you can find a few low and flat hills. The country has 758 rivers and 2,800 lakes.

Lithuania Facts 2: the highest point

Aukštasis is the highest point in Lithuania. It has the height of 294 meters.  Many people like to visit Lithuania because it serves them with green atmosphere.  30 percent of the land in the country is filled with forest.

Lithuania Facts

Lithuania Facts

Lithuania Facts 3: population

Most people living in Lithuania are the ethnic Lithuanians. It occupies 84 percent of the whole population.  6 percent of the population is Poland. The Russians people only make up 5 percent of the population. Check Russian facts here.

Lithuania Facts 4: president

Lithuania is led by a president.  He or she will sit as a president for five years. Talking about the parliament, Lithuania has unicameral parliament. It is called the Seimas. The members of this Seimas are 141 people.

Lithuania Image

Lithuania Image

Lithuania Facts 5: Vilnius

Vilnius is the capital city of Lithuania. When you visit the city, you can enjoy the view of the beautiful rivers Neris and Vilnia.

Lithuania Facts 6: Vilnius University

Vilnius University is located in the capital city. It was established in 1579.  This university is equipped with countless inner courtyards and renaissance complex.

Lithuania Map

Lithuania Map

Lithuania Facts 7: the total area

The total area of Lithuania is 65,000 km square.  It is the home to 3.4 million people. The currency that people use to trade in the country is called litas.

Lithuania Facts 8: food

The cold beet soup is the interesting local food in Lithuania. You can also enjoy Cepelini and potato pancakes.

Lithuania Pic

Lithuania Pic

Lithuania Facts 9: Poland

Lithuania and Poland united as a single country in 1569. It was called as The Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth.

Lithuania Facts 10: top cities

There are top cities that you can visit in Lithuania. Those are Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipeda, Šiauliai and many more.



The largest state in Europe was Lithuania by the end of the 14th century. Are you interested facts about Lithuania?

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