10 Interesting Seville Facts

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Find out the amazing city in Spain in Seville Facts. You can find out a lot of interesting places in Seville.   The museums in Seville hold different kinds of artistic collections.  The famous one is the Museum of Fine Arts of Seville. You will be impressed since it houses various kinds of masterpieces. It was located in the former Convent of La Merced in 1835. Check the works of the famous Baroque Sevillian artists such as Pacheco, Zurbarán, Murillo and many more here. Let’s find other interesting facts about Seville below:

Seville Facts 1: other museums to visit in Seville

You can visit other interesting museums in Seville such as The Andalusian Contemporary Art Center, The Archaeological Museum, The Carriages Museum, The Bullfighting Museum, The Palace of the Countess of Lebrija, The Museum of Arts and Traditions, and The Flamenco Art Museum. Find out another city in Seoul facts.

Seville Facts 2: the tapas scene

The primary cultural attraction in Seville is located in the tapas scene.  Tapas are the small dishes that the visitors of Seville can enjoy from one bar to the other bar.

Seville Art

Seville Art

Seville Facts 3: the local foods

Don’t forget to enjoy the local dishes in Seville. You can enjoy the grilled and fried seafood. It is often made of swordfish, choco, squid, ortiguillas or dogfish.

Seville Facts 4: the fast food

The most popular fast food in Seville is called serranito. It looks like sandwich. If you want to enjoy the dessert, you can try a honey-coated sweet fritter called pestiños.

Seville Beauty

Seville Beauty

Seville Facts 5: the nightlife

If you are interested to enjoy the nightlife in Seville, you can go to ‘La Alfalfa’. It also serves you with interesting musical scene. Get facts about Rome here.

Seville Facts 6: the economy

The economy of Seville lies on agriculture. The small villages are filled with farms. If you want to check the industries in the city, they are concentrated in the industrial parks.

Seville Facts

Seville Facts

Seville Facts 7: the famous festivals

There are many important festivals in the city. The well known ones include The Semana Santa and Feria de Sevilla. When the Feria de Seville comes, the people will spend the week socializing, drinking and dancing.  It is celebrated by the businesses, families, and organizations. During the Holy Week of The Semana Santa, the festival is decorative and nice.

Seville Facts 8: theaters

Seville is also a home to different kinds of theaters. They perform the classical acts. You can check it on the Real Alcazar Gardens, Teatro La Maestranza, Teatro Central, and Teatro Lope de Vega.

Seville Pic

Seville Pic

Seville Facts 9: St. Mary of the See Cathedral

St. Mary of the See Cathedral is famous landmark in Seville. It is decorated in Gothic style. The building was used as mosque in the past. It was constructed in 1401 till 1519.

Seville Facts 10: other popular landmarks

Other landmarks to visit include The City Hall, The Torre del Oro, The Palace of San Telmo, The Metropol Parasol and The Royal Tobacco Factory.



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