10 Interesting Azerbaijan Facts

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Azerbaijan facts make you closer with one of the interesting countries in the world. This country is famous with the Eurovision song contest. There are many places that you can visit when you are in Azerbaijan. You just have to list the places so that you will never miss any places here. Find out more facts about Azerbaijan in the following post.

Azerbaijan Facts 1: Seven Beauties

There are many kinds of contest that you can find in Azerbaijan. You can see Seven Beauties.  There will be 7 girls who have to use the crochets and stockings in a short time with wonderful style.

Azerbaijan Facts 2: Azikh Cave

Azikh Cave was the place where the first fireplace and construction in the human civilization. You can visit this cave because it is very famous and is considered as the largest one is Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijan at night

Azerbaijan at night

Azerbaijan Facts 3: Sheki Khan’s Palace

Sheki Khan’s Palace is another attraction that you can find in Azerbaijan. You can see a wolf man there.  If you give a donation, you can see that the wolf eyes are shining.

Azerbaijan Facts 4: Oily Rocks

Oily Rocks is always well known with the name of Neft Dashlar. The city was constructed at the sea. The sea town was built in 1947 in the Caspian Sea.

Azerbaijan city

Azerbaijan city

Azerbaijan Facts 5: superstition

There are few popular beliefs that people still embrace today. It can bring misfortune or death when you leave scissors with opened blades. Another misfortune is also seen when you meet a person with an empty bucket.

Azerbaijan Facts 6: drink

The most popular drink in Azerbaijan is tea. They have different ways to enjoy a cup of tea. This drink will be served in a pear shaped glass.

azerbaijan facts

azerbaijan facts

Azerbaijan Facts 7: oil

Oil can be found abundant in Azerbaijan. Many noble families from Norway in the past were rich by taking the oil for this country in 19th century.

Azerbaijan Facts 8: Absheron peninsula

When you visit Absheron peninsula, you need to go to the Burning Mountain. The natural gas escaped from the ground all years which leads into the burning on the mountain.

destinations in azerbaijan

destinations in azerbaijan

Azerbaijan Facts 9: Garry Kasparov

Garry Kasparov was born in Baku. It is the capital city of Azerbaijan.  This man was the former world chess champion. Another famous person is Teymur Rajabov. He was only 14 years old when he was included in the international grand master.

Azerbaijan Facts 10: Novruz

Novruz is the oldest national holiday in Azerbaijan. All children who participated with in Novruz will be place their bags or caps in the front door. Then the home owners will fill their bags or caps with gifts.

Baku Azerbaijan

Baku Azerbaijan

The unmarried girl can avoid the bad luck and find the perfect match by throwing the black coins on the water. Are you interested with facts about Azerbaijan?

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