10 Interesting Serbia Facts

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Check Serbia facts to find out the landlocked country with the official name Republic of Serbia. The location is in the middle of the Central and Southeast Europe. This sovereign state is bordered by various countries. To the west, you can find Croatia, Bosnia and Montenegro. In the east, you can find Bulgaria and Romania. In the north, you will spot Hungary. Here are other facts about Serbia:

Serbia Facts 1: Belgrade

Belgrade is the capital of Serbia. In Southeast Europe, it is included as one of the largest cities.

Serbia Facts 2: the total population

Serbia was occupied by 7.2 million inhabitants based on the census in 2011. This population of the people who lived in Kosovo was not included in the census.

Serbia Beauty

Serbia Beauty

Serbia Facts 3: the brief history of Serbia

Let’s find out the short history of Serbia. In 6th century, there were Slavic migrations to Balkans. In the beginning of middle ages, some states were formed by the Serbs. In 1217, the Serbian Kingdom was recognized.  The golden era for the Serbian Kingdom was in 1346. The Ottoman Empire captured the modern day Serbia in the mid 16th century. The constitutional monarchy was established due to the Serbian revolution in 19th century.

Serbia Facts 4: the interesting monuments

Serbia has several interesting monuments. The endangered one in Kosovo features some monasteries such as Patriarchate of Pec, Our Lady of Ljeviš, Gracanica and Visoki Decani. Other monuments are Studenica monastery, Gamzigrad–Felix Romuliana and monastery Sopocani. Get facts about Salzburg here.

Serbia Facts

Serbia Facts

Serbia Facts 5: the attractive architectural heritage

If you love with the past time architecture, you have to visit the palaces in Serbia. Justiniana Prima, Sirmium, Gamzigrad-Felix Romuliana are some of the examples of the architectural heritage which show the early Byzantine and Roman architectural design.

Serbia Facts 6: the traditional Serbian art

In 18th century, the traditional Serbian art was highly influenced by baroque style. You can find it in the art works of Jakov Orfelin, Teodor Kracun, and Nikola Neškovic. Check Prague facts here.

Serbia Image

Serbia Image

Serbia Facts 7: the museums

In 1844, the National Museum was established in the country. It is considered as the notable museum for it houses 8,400 drawings and prints and 5,600 paintings. But you can also visit other museums in Serbia like Museum of Vojvodina in Novi Sad and Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade.

Serbia Facts 8: the modern Serbian music

The modern Serbian music was founded by Stevan Stojanovic Mokranjac. He was a famous musicologist and composer.

Serbia Skyline

Serbia Skyline

Serbia Facts 9: the traditional instruments in Serbian music

Horns, bagpipes, lutes, trumpets, flutes, cymbals, drums and psalteries are considered as the traditional instruments in Serbian music.

Serbia Facts10: the festivals

Serbia has various festivals to attend.  Those include Gitarijada rock festival in Zajecar, Nišville Jazz Festival in Niš and Guca Trumpet Festival.



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