10 Interesting Angola Facts

Saturday, November 9th 2013. | Countries

If you want to know more about the countries in the world, it is the great time for you to read Angola facts. You have to know about this country because it offers you with wonderful scenery. You can enjoy wildlife in Angola because it is the home to the unique and rare animals in the world. Let me give you some fascinating facts about Angola:

Angola Facts 1: economy

Angola is famous with its oil production. It makes the local people in Angola live well because of the oil industry in the country. That’s why Angola is considered as the country with the fastest growing economy.

Angola Facts 2: official language

Can you guess the official language of Angola? It is Portuguese. However, there are many Angolans speaking African and Bantu language.



Angola Facts 3: giant sable antelope

One of the unique animals that you can see in the country is a giant sable antelope. The antelope is very rare because it was reported to be extinct. But people can find it in this country.

Angola Facts 4: basketball

Each country has their favorite sport. In England, people love soccer. What about the people in Angola? It seems that they have similar favorite sport with the American people. Both love basketball.

Angola facts

Angola facts

Angola Facts 5: civil war

Angola is one of the countries with the longest civil war.   It lasted from 1975 to 2002. There were thousand people died during the civil war movement.

Angola Facts 6: Serra Mountain

If you visit Angola and want to have an extreme climbing, why don’t you go to Serra Mountain? It has the height around 2610 meters.

Angola Beach

Angola Beach

Angola Facts 7: official names

There are two official names that Angola has. People can call it as Angolish Empire of Flying Snakes and Undemocratic Anti-Phtoographic Monarchy of Angola.

Angola Facts 8: belief

What about the religion of the people in Angola?  It is estimated that 38 percent of the people living in the country is Roman Catholic. The protestant people are around 15 percent. The people with the indigenous belief are around 47 percent.



Angola Facts 9: Ruacana Falls

Ruacana Falls are the attraction that you can view when you are in Angola. It offers you with a natural wonder.

Angola Facts 10: independence

Angola got the independence in 1975 from the Portuguese Colony.

angola ceremony

angola ceremony

Angola is a potential country in the world. People can visit it when they want to enjoy the wonderful waterfall. You can also see a nice and unique animal like the antelope. Do you agree with facts about Angola above?

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