10 Interesting Seal Facts

Friday, June 14th 2013. | Animals

Seal facts give specific information about the physical appearance, prey and behavior of seal. This marine mammal comes in two families.  The first one is Toariidae which includes sea lion and fur seal. The second one is Phocidae which includes common seal and harbor seals. In this article, let me show you some interesting seal facts:

Seal Facts 1: Species of Seal

There are 32 species of seals. The smallest seal comes from the species of galapagos fur seal. It only has the weight 65 pounds with the length of 4 feet. The largest one is the southern seal. It has the weight up to 2 tons with the length of 13 feet.

Seal Facts 2: Habitat of Seal

This animal can be seen around the world. The highly populated ones are in New England and California. You can see them living in both tropical and polar areas. If you want to know the animals living around us, look at chicken facts.



Seal Facts 3: Mammal

Seal is included as mammal for this animal gives birth and breeds a baby seal.  When the baby seal was born she will look after it. You are wrong if thinking that a seal is fish even though it lives under water. Another mammal can be seen on gorilla facts.

Seal Facts 4: Prey

To stay survive seals need to eat. They will use the whiskers to detect the prey.  They like to eat squid and fish. The whiskers are sensitive to detect the vibration of their prey.

Seal Facts

Seal Facts

Seal Facts 5: Underwater Animal

Even though seals are underwater animals, they are a good diver and swimmer. They can dive up to 2 hours. It is good point for a mammal.

Seal Facts 6: A Thick Fur Coat

Seals have a thick fur coat that they use to project the body from releasing too much heat when they are in cold environments. It keeps their body warm when the winter comes.

galapagos fur seal

galapagos fur seal

Seal Facts 7: Population

The population of seals from year to year always dropped for seals are always hunted by people.  The animals are hunted from their oil, fur and skin.

Seal Facts 8: Some Species of Seals

There are some familiar species of seal. Some of them include hooded seal, fur seal, bearded seal, sea leopard, sea lion, ursine seal, sea elephant, and sea bear.

harbor seal

harbor seal

Seal Facts 9: Intelligent Animal

Seal is one of the intelligent animals in the world. They can dive deep down the ocean up to the depth of 1000 feet.

Seal Facts 10: Group of Seal

Male seals are called as bull. Female seals are called as cow. A group of seals is called herd.

Weddell Seal

Weddell Seal

You can play with a seal if you visit a marine park in the town. This cute animal can make a funny show to entertain your kids. There is no need for you to be afraid with the seals in the captivity.  Based on the facts about seals above, you realize that seals are strong and incredible animals.

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