10 Interesting Hippopotamus Facts

Thursday, March 27th 2014. | Animals

Learn about the unique animal in Africa by reading the Hippopotamus facts. This animal has a unique appearance. Kids love to be informed about hippopotamus because it gives them information about the river horse. People call it with a short name of a hippo. Find out more about hippopotamus below:

Hippopotamus Facts 1: size

Hippopotamus is a big animal. It is included as a member of mammals.  It is considered as the third largest mammal animal in the world after elephant and rhinoceros.

Hippopotamus Facts 2: habitat

Most of the time of Hippopotamus spends on the water area. They live in the lakes, rivers and swamps.

hippopotamus facts

hippopotamus facts

Hippopotamus Facts 3: baby hippopotamus

The baby hippopotamus will be delivered by the mother hippopotamus inside the water. Most hippopotamus like to rest in the water. The cold temperature of the water enables their body temperature to slow down.

Hippopotamus Facts 4: appearance

When you see hippopotamus directly, you can find that these animals have very huge months.  The legs are very short. The shape of the body reminds you with a barrel.

hippopotamus Image

hippopotamus Image

Hippopotamus Facts 5: relation

Even though hippopotamus has a very unique body shape, you probably are surprised to find that dolphins and whales are the close relation of hippopotamus. Hippopotamus can be related with cetaceans.

Hippopotamus Facts 6: threat

You should never make hippopotamus feel threatened when you encounter with the animals. They can be very aggressive and wild.

hippopotamus Pic

hippopotamus Pic

Hippopotamus Facts 7: dangerous animal

You should never think that hippopotamus is too dangerous. In African countries, it is considered as one of the most dangerous animals due to its big body and aggressiveness.

Hippopotamus Facts 8: death

The population of hippopotamus is very low today. The death of Hippopotamus is because of the habitat loss.  The construction project located near the river and water area makes their habitat limited. Moreover, people like to hunt hippopotamus for their teeth and meat.

hippopotamus Size

hippopotamus Size

Hippopotamus Facts 9: name

There are several treatments that people can use when they want to call hippopotamus. The female hippopotamus is called a cow. Bull is used to call the male hippopotamus. A calf is a term to call a baby hippo. A group of hippo is called bloat or a herd.

Hippopotamus Facts 10: diet

The main diet of Hippopotamus is grass.



Most hippos can live for around 45 years. Preserve their habitat to avoid any reduction of hippo’s population. Do you have any suggestion on facts about hippopotamus?

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