10 Interesting Alpaca Facts

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Alpaca Facts tell us about a camelid found in South America. It is the domesticated version. The scientific name is Vicugna pacos. The appearance of Alpaca reminds the people with a small llama. The Huacaya alpaca and Suri alpaca are the two major breeds of alpaca.  Alpaca will like to find food by grazing on the elevation of 11,500 feet to 16,000 feet above the sea elevation in Andes of southern Peru, northern Chile, Ecuador and western Bolivia. Let us check other interesting facts about alpaca below:

Alpaca Facts 1: the differences

Alpaca and llamas are different. The latter are bigger.  People breed alpacas to take their fiber. On the other hand, llamas are bred for a beast of burden.

Alpaca Facts 2: alpaca fiber

Alpaca fiber is used with the similar purpose of wool. It is used to create woven and knitted items.

Alpaca Facts

Alpaca Facts

Alpaca Facts 3: the items

The items created from the alpaca fiber include textiles, scarves, gloves, hats, sweaters and blankets.  Other items include bedding, coat, socks and sweaters. Look at facts about Albatross here.

Alpaca Facts 4: classification

In Peru, the fiber of alpaca is available in at least 52 natural colors. In United States, it has 16 natural colors. In Australia, it has 12 natural colors.

Facts about Alpaca

Facts about Alpaca

Alpaca Facts 5: the size of an adult alpaca

The height of an adult alpaca reaches 32 to 39 inches or 81 to 89 cm. The weight is around 106 to 185 lb or 48 to 84 kg.

Alpaca Facts 6: the primary diet

The primary diet of alpaca includes grass and hay. Compared to other animals with the same size, it needs less food.



Alpaca Facts 7: the poisonous plants

Oleander, bracken fern, fireweeds and a number of azaleas are some plants, which might poison alpaca.

Alpaca Facts 8: the texture of fiber

The characteristics of alpaca fleece are silky and lustrous. It is hypoallergenic. The fiber is not prickly.  It also keeps the people warm when wearing fabric made of alpaca fiber. It is not water repellant for it does not bear lanolin.



Alpaca Facts 9: the process of making fiber

Before the fiber in finishing process, it will be prepared, carded, spun and weaved. Get facts about Adelie Penguins here.

Alpaca Facts 10: the amount of fiber

The amount of fiber produced per alpaca is around 2.2 to 4.5 kg or 5 to 10 pounds.

Alpaca Image

Alpaca Image

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