10 Interesting Sumatran Tiger Facts

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Sumatran Tiger Facts talk about the rare tiger subspecies. It has the scientific name Panthera Tigris sumatrae. Just like its name suggested, the tiger can be seen living in Sumatran Island, Indonesia. In 2008, the tiger was included in the list of Critically Endangered animal based on the IUCN. Let’s find out the body color, population and other interesting facts about Sumatran tiger by reading the following post below:

Sumatran Tiger Facts 1: the population

The population of Sumatran tiger is decreased from time to time. The report stated that there were around 441 to 679 Sumatran tigers in the island.   The subpopulation of Sumatran tiger was not more than 50 individuals.

Sumatran Tiger Facts 2: the survival

Sumatran tiger is included in the Sunda Islands group of tigers. The other members are the java tiger and Bali tiger. However, both members have been extinct. The only surviving member is the Sumatra tiger. Get facts about Siberian tiger here.

Sumatran Tiger

Sumatran Tiger

Sumatran Tiger Facts 3: the differences

The expert has the hypothesis that Sumatran tiger is different from the mainland populations. This hypothesis is supported from the research related to the mitochondrial genes of 34 tigers.

Sumatran Tiger Facts 4: the special features

There are several features described by Pocock.  The special features of Sumatran tiger can be seen in the striped features, the pelage and skull basis. Those features are very different from the Javan and Indian tigers.

Sumatran Tiger Facts

Sumatran Tiger Facts

Sumatran Tiger Facts 5: Javan tigers and Sumatran tigers

If you look at the stripes and fur color of Sumatran tigers and Javan tigers, the former ones have the thicker stripes and darker fur colors. Find facts about Bengal tiger here.

Sumatran Tiger Facts 6: the small body

If you check the body size of Sumatran tiger, it is considered as one of the smallest tigers. The female Sumatran tigers are smaller than the male Sumatran tigers.

Sumatran Tiger Image

Sumatran Tiger Image

Sumatran Tiger Facts 7: the weight of female Sumatran tigers

The female Sumatran tigers have the weight around 165 to 243 lb or 75 to 110 kilogram. The size of the greatest skull is around 10.4 to 11.6 inches. The length of the female tiger is around 85 to 91 inches.

Sumatran Tiger Facts 8: the weight of male Sumatran tigers

The weight of the male Sumatran tigers is around 220 to 310 lb or 100 to 140 kilogram. It has the greatest of the skull measured at 11.6 to 13.2 inches. The length of this animal is around 87 to 100 inches.

Facts about Sumatran Tiger

Facts about Sumatran Tiger

Sumatran Tiger Facts 9: the habitat

Sumatran tigers can be seen living in the coastal lowland forest or even sea level forest areas.

Sumatran Tiger Facts 10: Kerinci Seblat National Park

Kerinci Seblat National Park is reported to have the highest population of Sumatran tiger. It has around 165 to 190 Sumatran tigers.

Sumatran Tiger Stripes

Sumatran Tiger Stripes

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