10 Interesting Gecko Facts

Sunday, February 9th 2014. | Animals

Gecko facts are collections of information in how you learn this animal. Gecko is unique animal. Therefore, more and more people become interested in recognizing this animal further. One of the best methods is by reading the facts. So, just learn more about it below.

Gecko Facts 1: the species

Gecko is extraordinary lizard. It can be considered to be superior in both the diversity and also adaptation. 1,500 of overall 5,600 lizard species belong to gecko especially the Gekkota. This is basic reason of people’s interest.

Gecko Facts 2: the length

It is a fact that gecko may vary in the aspect of length. There is the smallest having the length just below 2 centimeters. Yet, there are also species which can grow up to 60 centimeters. There was Kawekaweau which is considered to be the largest. It was extinct nowadays.

Gecko Animal

Gecko Animal

Gecko Facts 3: mostly nocturnal

You need to know that mostly of gecko species are nocturnal. Many of them have lens within each of their iris. The function is to enlarge within the darkness. This may make their eyes becoming up to 350 times more sensitive towards light.

Gecko Facts 4: the name

The name of Gecko comes from Indonesian Malay language. It was gekoq. It is not the real word of the language. It is the chirrups imitation of this animal when they conduct interaction to each others.

Gecko Facts

Gecko Facts

Gecko Facts 5: no eyelids

Next fact is about the inexistence of eyelids of this animal. Gecko has no eyelids. They only have transparent membrane. They also often lick their eyes in order to clean it. No one knows whether the membrane is sensitive or not.

Gecko Facts 6: self defense

Gecko has self-defense mechanism which may lead their tails to lose. Most species of gecko have this self defense. This is called autotomy in as scientific name. The purpose is to make the predator eating the tail instead of the body.

Gecko Green

Gecko Green

Gecko Facts 7: growing back tail

There are many species as well of gecko which can make their tail pulled. The purpose is to shed it. Yet, they can get rid the tail as they want. The replacement of tail is only made from cartilage and has no bone structure like the original one.

Gecko Facts 8:  eating back the tail

Whenever gecko gets rid of their tail, later they will return and see whether it is still there. They will eat it if it is still there. The purpose is to store back the nutrient.

Gecko Small

Gecko Small

Gecko Facts 9: thrives around humans

Gecko often appears in any households. Especially in warm regions, the existence of gecko within the home may become the sign of great luck.

Gecko Facts 10: specialized toe pads

Gecko has toe pads which may support them to climb up any vertical surfaces. It can be done as long as the surface is smooth.



The facts about Gecko above I hope can be your basic effort in order to study more about this animal.

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